Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resistance is Futile...

...You will be assimilated.

This morning I received an email that My blog has been added to the T-Central blog list.

I have mixed emotions about this.

First don't get me wrong, I am truly flattered. Obviously the powers that be over there like my blog enough to feel that it should be included.


I started this blog for me and really only me. I am astounded that I have regular readers but that was never my intention. I needed a sounding board, a place to express my thoughts, vent frustration, or simply be a little silly.

I have express this concept in the past.

The fact that others read it simply amazes me.

Another thing I have talked about before is how I will also not have an agenda. least for the time being. Things can always change.

If people want to come and read what I have to say. Great! If they like it, even better. However at the end of the day it is still my blog. I am going to write what I want.

It is my opinion that I am entitled to have.

And my opinion will not always agree with everyone else's.

Yet I am not going to change the direction or tone of this blog just because I have new people reading it or feel that I must do so.

Still I hope you enjoy what I put on here and if you feel the need please contribute.

So for now I will leave the listing on T-central.

With that said I will simply say welcome to anyone new. Feel free to get caught up if you want and I hope you enjoy the stay.


Halle said...

Oh sure, just do whatever you want to do...

Of course you are going to do what you want with this little part of your world, it is YOURS not ours. The fact that we are all having a good time following along is incidental.

We all blog for our own reasons. Nobody gets to judge whether those are good or bad. Isn't that a great system?

If only all of life was this simple!



Stace said...

Just think, if you changed your blog then it wouldn't be the blog that we are all reading :) Of course it should stay the same. Unless you want to change it of course.


Anonymous T-Girl said...

Remember to practise safe linking.

Some people in your new-found traffic might not bother reading you if they look at your link list. Just a warning. i believe i am that despised by some people.

If you link with one blog, you're linking with every blog that blog has ever been with. Use protection.

Kelli Bennett said...

I appreciate the advise, but the people I place in my link list are those who voices I appreciate. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else. I myself can respect and enjoy listening to differing opinions.

As I stated above, this blog is for me to let out the things in my head and to journal some of my transition. I am not out to please anyone else nor generate readership.