Friday, May 7, 2010

Interpreting My Disposition

Something I feel the need to converse about.

This blog is a way for me to explore things I am thinking.

To expound on moods or thoughts that are pervading my psyche

Elements that I articulate here are just things that have bubbled up to the surface.

A thought, idea or concern.

I then take whatever it is and run with it. Letting my creativity sometimes run rampant over it.

There are times where the perception might be that I am in a depressed or an overly melancholy mood due to darker subject matter.

Most of the times I am not.

I noticed this the other day when a friend IM'd me after a few of my more recent postings might have seemed a little bleaker then usual.

I quickly assured her I was indeed fine. To which she noticed I was in one of my more exuberantly silly moods.

I think I could hear the sigh of relief at the other end.

So this is a reminder that this blog could get a little moody from time to time. Really it just reflects things that I feel I need to let out. I might be experiencing whatever it is for five minutes and thus the need to vent it.

This blog is that forum to do so.

The biggest reason is that I don't have a lot of friends as 'him' that I can talk to about me.

Makes things difficult to release or get off my chest which is where this comes in.

Just know that I am generally doing well. I am very positive about my upcoming transition.

Once I am into the heart of the process I will have some other things to talk about.

Right now I am just trying to deal with things as best I can lest they consume me.