Friday, July 6, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Too...

Recently a very dear friend of mine underwent GRS surgery.

{Editor's Note: GRS, GCS, SRS are all the same thing. It is the surgery to change your anatomy from male to female physically or vise versa but I think they have some other terms for the latter. Here I will use GRS. Don't argue. You will lose. ;)  }

Since she is very close to me (we often refer to ourselves as adopted sisters. As in she adopted me and I her.) I took a long weekend to go out and visit her in the first two weeks she was post op.

She really didn't have a choice either. She mentioned to me that it would be sweet if I came but that I didn't have too. This being said to me months before.

I kindly replied to her, "Sis, I was asking you when it was so I knew when to be there. I wasn't asking you if I could come. You frankly don't have a choice."

She laughed but I know for a fact she was very happy to see me and I her.

It also allowed me to see some things first hand since I am mostly likely going to be using the same surgeon. Where I will be. How she responded, and getting to see the surgeon in action, before I talk to her later this year. As I have a consultation with the doctor scheduled this coming September.

Now here is the entertaining part.

I went to the office with my friend for her first appointment post surgery. While we all were together in the waiting room the surgeon passed us by a few times.

After waiting for a short while my friend was called back into the room and I went off to grab some breakfast knowing she was in good hands, her spouse was with her. I had some time to kill and I was hungry.

Well I was hungry the gooey bits in between were not something I wanted to see.

When I returned they let me back in to hear the instructions at the end and I was sitting against the wall listening intently when the surgeon remarked that an in person follow up would be recommended at three and six months.

Now this whole time the surgeon had seen me, heard me and even complimented that it was good to see supportive friends.

So I was sitting against the wall listening intently when the surgeon remarked about the aforementioned follow up and would be recommended it be at three and six months postop.

Now as I mentioned I knew I have a consult with this surgeon scheduled for the fall. Doing the math quickly in my head I realized my appointment would be almost exactly three months(give or take a day).

At this point I jokingly piped up and mentioned that my friend and I could go together in September when I was to be back in that area.

The surgeon turned slightly to me. Since she was between the two of us off to one side, and stated, "Well I might not actually be here then."

My response as she started turning back to my friend, "Well I hope you are since you are the reason I am coming."

Her head turned back to me so fast to do a double take of me was comical. Her stunned expression saying exactly what we all thought at that time, as we all noticed it. She gave me a long look and asked my why I was coming out to see her.

"Well I have a consultation with you."



Her eyebrows raised and she took one last long look at me, acknowledged it and moved back to finish talking to my friend to concluded the appointment.

We all laughed about it later. There she was with no clue I was Trans up until that point. Only that I was a supportive friend there to help out and support my friend.

However it was obvious I shocked her and had completely caught her by surprise.

At the same time I think it is a huge compliment.

There I was at a world renown Trans surgeon's office, someone who is Trans herself, sitting three feet from her, talking to her and I completely flew under her radar. I simply was another girl in the room.

Flattering and humorous all at the same time.

Sometimes I am surprised just how much people don't think twice about me and simply see me for me.

It is a nice feeling at the end of the day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday America