Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Big News!

The news that you have all been waiting for is this.

I have gotten a new job!

After a few months of looking I found a job at a company that surprised me with their level of IT investment. Yet they are hugely successful in the online ordering space. With quite the complex and dynamic infrastructure.

Not only is the company and the people awesome(I have been here a week now and I love it), it is in an area that I have always wanted to live in. It will be keeping my in Michigan for the foreseeable future.

Yet I am moving away from the Detroit Area.

Well still within a reasonable driving distance, but far enough away that it is possible not to have to visit it at all if I did not want to.

The picture at the end of this post is a clue as to what area I will now be living and working.

Now I am sure you are wondering.

Why did I leave my old company?

Well it is for a number of reasons that I will cover over a few posts.

It will take a few as they were the reason I had to withhold a few posts I wanted to write for all of you.

Seems they someone how put together my few visits to my blog with it being mine. Oh well. I did most of my writing at home with only my editing during lunch. I also saved everything as files and put the final post on the site with a schedule time for it to appear. Often because I had enough material to write more than one thus I often finished them close together.

Well at least I did in the past.


I know I have been lax lately in posting. Life has been busy as I have just noted. Job searching is not easy these days.

Bottom line, I felt as if I lost my voice within the team(not completely but in the eyes of a few and that is all that mattered).

I also felt there was a climate change within the department that just was conducive for me to look for something elsewhere with the hopes it would be better.

Along with I really felt I had hit a roadblock with the any opportunity to further my career.

There is a lot to cover regarding all of this and I am busy preparing to move into my new digs.

So I will go over all of this in a few posts. From dealing with recruiters and to my first ever interview as me.

It also was not the first offer I got. I actually turned down two before I took this one.

As always who I work for will remain nameless. Just as the old company will remain so.

Even if they did not feel that way.

It is an exciting time here for me.