Monday, April 29, 2013

In The Shadows

Every once and a while something happens or I catch something out of the corner of my eye that brings a smile to my face of how worth it this all was for me.

Or even sparks a little moment of "wow, I love being me and where I am at now."

Before I tell you what it was, a bit of history.

Last fall, somewhere around late October or early November, I started running.

I had not done so with any regularity since HS. I did stopped after knee trouble and switched to cycling.

It started with both the BF and I wanting to get into better shape. Plus we have been toying with the idea of a co-ed adult recreational soccer league.

He played Varsity in HS and I as a child, plus intramural in HS along with pickup for a few years after.

It, however, has been a while for both of us.

Thus we started running.

Together as often as our schedules allow. Which is what I really enjoy, but also on our own to keep getting in shape.

I have been running pretty steadily since then, most of the time five days a week. Even in the snow and cold weather(though I have not been out when it has been below zero like some. /wink)

Still it has been dark or getting dark most of the time I have been out, since I go running usually right after work during the week. Plus with all the gloomy weather here in the Midwest I have been out on a lot of cloudy overcast days.

Which brings me to a very recent weekend.

I was out running and it was actually a nice day. Fairly warm with a cool breeze with very few clouds in the sky.

The noticeable difference was the late afternoon sun, bright and shiny, even if it was not truly warm out.

This made me enjoy not being bundled up in three layers trudging through the snow to get a run in. Not that I don't enjoy winter, and some of my runs have been hauntingly beautiful as I ran through a snow fall.

It was just time for a break from it.

Now I bet you are wondering what I noticed besides a nice cool but sunny day?

Well there I was near the end of my run, turning to finally face due East as I ran one of the last legs toward home.

When motion on the ground in front of me caught my eye.

Bringing my eyes downward to figure out what it was.

At first glance I did not notice anything but the top of my shadow. (I did mention the sun being out and right behind me)

Then I saw it.

There was not an object or animal causing the motion.

No it was my shadow itself... my pony tail rhythmically swayed behind my head as I jogged down the street.

I am sure if anyone saw me at that moment I would have had a silly grin on my face.

It is crazy how something so simple can affect ones mood so profoundly.

Amazing that I am at this point in my life today.

Simply enjoying seeing the swish of my ponytail in my shadow on the ground while going for a run.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Howler Monkeys

The natives are restless!

I can't blame them really.

Here they have been working like crazy to write new material and I cannot post any of it...

..for now.

Seriously I have two posts done and a third that was in progress when something happened.

I found out my anonymous blog is not quite so anonymous anymore.


As it turns out an entity in my life that plays a large role has discovered that I have a blog.

Not to mention all three of these blogs deal with this entity or at least mention it.

Now before everyone panics, nothing happened. I was just asked about it and was informed of a few things.

No harm, no foul as they say.


Those three post that I have in some was deal with this entity or involve information that I do not really want them to know.

Considering I was working on these posts about a month ago. I was ready to clean them up and post them.

Since then I have been wondering what to do.

For now I won't, much to my typewriters monkeys chagrin.

Yeah, to say they are not happy, would be an understatement.

The good news is that while I was pondering what to do about the other post I had some adventure that I need to share. So hopefully I can calm them down by giving them something to do.

Either that or they will start flinging things at me.