Monday, May 3, 2010

Kelli's To Do List

Wow nothing like filling up the plate again.

Over the next four weeks I have to:

Reschedule telling my parents. Not so easy with Mothers Day coming up not to mention my oldest Nephew's graduation the first week of June. Plus with summer approaching they like to travel a bit more frequently then they do now.

See my HRT doctor again. Along with discuss adding progesterone into the mix. If not I might consider a new doctor. I don't know if it will work but I would like to try adding something to the mix. At least I already got the blood work done.

I fly to Chicago to talk with a surgeon about getting some work done to the face. Again I am trying to be careful here as I don't want to change too much or look over worked. Yet I do want to make some changes.

Finish three posts rolling around in my head.

Did I mention telling my parents?

Get to my seamstress to get a few things altered. Jackets are a tricky thing since I have wider shoulders then the average girl my height and I would like to be able to wear them more often. Plus I have two dresses I need adjusted. I am not perfect.

Decide what I am going to do about my current living situation. I know it cannot last so I best start thinking about it. The time may come sooner rather then later. Might be a good idea to talk to my CU about seeing if they still do pre-approvals and figure out what I can get along with afford without impacting other transition plans.

If the Chicago Doctor doesn't feel like it will work out I am considering a Boston based Doctor. I'll have to get going on that rather quickly.

Contact some attorneys since I feel I am going to need one. This one is not one I am looking forward too.

Attend my Nephew's Graduation, which should prove to be interesting since some parts of his family haven't seen my in almost ten years. Not to mention the fact that my own brother hasn't seen me in three and a half.

I'm not sure I mentioned that I still have to meet with my parents.

Nothing like having to have to do all this in the next month or so.


Jerica Truax said...

Hope you can find time to meet with your parents, girl. That seems like one of those important things that you just don't want to have to do.

As for the doc and too! hehe. I'm meeting him on Thursday to talk about long as the blood charts are good, I think I'm set too.

Hope things go well!

<3 Jerica

Kelli Bennett said...

Yeah I know it is. However after the last bust I kind of feel like I need to build myself up for this again. Though I know I need to do it and soon.


Stace said...

Busy schedule coming up...

Good luck with everything, and hope your folks take it well.