Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never, Ever Feed It After Midnight

I didn't know if I should use that for the title of this post or 'OM NOM NOM NOM'.

Granted I don't turn into some mischievous and destructive green creature if fed after midnight.

Ok, Mischievous maybe. Destructive and green, no.

However I have had a serious cases of the munchies lately.

I am wondering if this has to do with the Progesterone that was added two weeks ago to my regime?

I am not sure. Still the last time I had cravings similar to this I was right in the middle of my early teen years. Not only was I growing (and growing as a boy mind you), I was training to be an competitive cyclist.

Thus my body was not only craving food to grow it was craving food as energy.

Yes my parents complained a lot, since I would consume food faster then what they could do to keep it in the house. I would guess near four and five thousand calories a day. Little less in the winter as the Midwest weather kept me indoors more. Reducing my training program a bit.

What I am feeling now is no where near the level of cravings I had back then. They still have perked up considerable and most notably in the last few days.


So I have to watch. Since I didn't work so darn hard to loose all that extra weight I was carrying around for three years.

And it took me three years to lose it safely and effectively. Sorry this girl doesn't believe in crash dieting.

Which I have been for the most part, snacking on fruit and other things that are good for me.

Though I did notoriously slip the other day.

If anything I would be wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Once they added Progesterone into the mix.

It is all just food for thought.

Crap I said food didn't I?

I really need to stop now.

By the way, what is for breakfast?


Stace said...

You have to let yourself slip occasionally (odd, it's easier telling someone this than accepting it myself...)

As to the crash diet... I just don't believe in dieting. Eat healthily and exercise. That's all I've done in the last 6 months to lose just over 6Kg's (and 4inches from the waist)

I find that fruit makes a nice alternative, but you have to watch for the sugars and carbs (hmm, is that dieting, or being balanced?). Cucomber is also a nice snack, even without a dip.


Kelli Bennett said...

Lol Stace I do indulge. Life is too short not to enjoy some of the finer things, not to mention yummy.

Still I try to keep my binges to a minimum. My point in the other post was a donut and a overly large chocolate chip cookie in the same day isn't good.

It was over three years ago I changed my eating habits to just eat better, along with healthier food more often. And if I was going to eat something scandalously high in calories to minimize how much of it I consumed. However staying true to this plan as allowed me to indulge often enough to not have to worry about it all going to the wrong spots.

Think about this, since I have started I have lost 22.5KG (50lbs for us Americans) and a little over 6 inches from my waist.

Right now all I am trying to do is stay where I am at. I am not actively trying to loose anything more.