Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phone Booth

I can only imagine this is how Superman felt. Getting up everyday, knowing who you really are. Yet having to disguise it every single day.

I don't know how he felt about it, but it is totally starting to wear on me.

Seriously, I look in my closet every morning and hate what I see.

Never mind I am refusing to buy any new men's clothes.

I hate them.

They aren't me.

Simply a costume I have to hide me.

But I get up, pick something out, plaster my hair down to attempt to hide the length. (I think I am failing in that regard)

Gather my wits, thoughts, trying to put on my game face, and head out the door for the day.

Can someone stop this bus now?

I would like to get off.


Melissa said...

Having to revert to male mode to go to work every day, when you know you aren't a male, is very stressful. I know how you feel, and it sucks. I used to hate it too, and like you, I pretty much stopped buying any male clothing, other than the very basic necessities. Unfortunately, my circumstances prevented me from transitioning, and I just had to live with it until I retired. You have my sympathy.

Melissa XX

Jessica Lyn said...

Me too... I'd like to get off this bus... or more like a crazy train.

The song that I keep thinking of is Second Chance by Shinedown... it pretty much sums up how I feel. I want to say goodbye and move away and just start a new life as me.

Kelli Bennett said...

wow I just listened to that song, wow. Talk about hitting home.

Have I said wow yet?

I've been up to my neck in cleaning up my personal collection that I haven't been listening to the radio as much as I used to.

Jerica said...

Wow girl I can so totally understand this. Especially now because for me, work is the ONLY place I'm in guy mode. I gladly got rid of lots of my guy clothes but have a few stragglers hanging around just for work.

Just found your blog so I don't know your circumstances or if you're transitioning but I wish you good luck and hope things get better!