Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adventures in the wild

So there I was standing in a local bagel store.

Having just taken my puppy dogs for a romp through the park.

So on the drive back home we swung into the store for some noms

Now while there the clerks behind the counter were having an interesting discussion on what a woman would prefer as a gift.

A cool cell phone or a cute purse.

Now the clerks consisted of two women and one guy. I believe the guy had posed the question initially (I wasn't quite there for the beginning of it) and from the course of the conversation I think he was looking for a gift idea for someone significant to him.

But I digress.

So the two women both said purses they can use them to hold things and as fashion accessories.

His was the typical guy response, "But you can do cool things with the phone and stay connected to people! A bag just holds things"

(Now before I go any further I would like to state with the women I know. It is almost a 50/50 toss up. Quite a few of them could not live without their phones, so I know they would go for the phone. While a fair number would still like the purse. It is an interesting question.)

When he came down the counter to hand us our order he promptly asked my associate what she would prefer.

Her answer?

The phone.

At this point he was excited about balancing out the voting so he turned to me and asked what I thought.

Quite pointedly I deflected the question by replying:

"Oh, don't ask me! I am totally staying out of this one."


Cause in boy mode my answer wouldn't fit.

Cause while I would actually have no issue with either as a gift.

I would prefer the cute purse.


Melissa said...

Don't you just hate being put in situations, where you can't really say or do what you would like to, because you are afraid it will out you? I've been in similar situations, where I definitely had an opinion, but didn't feel free enough in male mode to it express it.

Halloween always presented a similar circumstance, where I wanted to dress feminine, but was afraid I would appear so well put together and comfortable, that eyebrows would be raised. is it, that he knew how to perfectly apply his makeup, and walks so comfortably in those high heels???

Melissa XX

Jessica Lyn said...

Mellissa I feel the same as you on both accounts.. I couldn't have said it any differently... and I so wanted to dress up this Halloween too.

Kelli Bennett said...

hmmmmm...I'd love to say something but I feel Halloween is a subject I should avoid.