Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Joy

Before I unleash a depressing post about the holidays I wanted to get this one out.

Someone near and very dear to my heart sent me this for Christmas.

Yeah, I am not a bear girl. I am totally into Moose. Don't know why I just am. I just love 'em

Isn't she the cutest?


Jessica Lyn said...

She is indeed the cutest moose on the planet!

As for the depressing holidays.. I still get cards from my mom that say "Son" on them eventhough she's known about me for a few years now. So everytime she asks what I want for xmas or bday, I says gift card, cuz I shouldnt have to tell her that all I'd really like is a card that says "To My Daughter." But that is something that she really needs to buy on her own cuz she sees me as her daughter... til then... depressing the holidays will be.

uh.. sigh.