Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things I thought I would never hear

So at the grocery store shopping this weekend.

Again not being full time yet (goodness that cannot come fast enough now) I am in total boy mode.

So I thought.

I'm standing at the deli counter getting some salad goodies for lunch this week. Not realizing I was standing right in front of the ticker dispenser.

A man came up behind me in the attempt to get a number.

I heard "Excuse me Sir. *pause* I am sorry, I mean ma'am"


I wasn't even trying, I was in hat, ski jacket and baggy jeans.

He did take a second glance, but never said anything. I am not even sure he ever knew what to think.

I'm still giggling and even surprised by it now.

I just never thought I would hear it when dressed like that.