Friday, January 15, 2010

Music for your soul

I happened across an interesting post a few weeks back. Another blogger made a post about music as a soundtrack for transition.

I thought this was a great idea and being the music lover that I am I posted a few of the songs I had at the top of my head.

I also listen to some of those listed in the original post that were new or unfamiliar to me.

Also those songs that have lyrics that specifically touch a nerve I have added a link for them to be read. If not the songs general theme or mood is what I feel is important.

So here is my list in no particular order.

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall (lyrics)
Naked Eye - Luscious Jackson
Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham (lyrics)
Frantic - Metallica (lyrics)
Feel So Free - Ivy (lyrics)
32 Flavors - Ani Difranco (lyrics)
Just a Girl - No Doubt (lyrics)
That is Not My Name - The Ting Tings
Beautiful - Joydrop (lyrics)
Learning to Fly - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (lyrics)
I love Myself Today - Bif Naked
You Don't Know How It Feels - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Right Now - Van Halen (lyrics)
I Don't Need a Man - Pussy Cat Dolls
When I Was A Boy - Dar Williams (lyrics)
Hook Me Up - The Veronicas (lyrics)
Bring Me to Life - Evanescence (lyrics)
Second Chance - Shinedown (lyrics) 

Extraordinary - Liz Phair (lyrics)

Now these songs reflect anything from the difficulty of transitioning. To just feelings of feminine empowerment. Though it seems the latter is hard to find without being to pop or campy. There are some great songs out there by some fantastic female artists, but they seem more slanted toward relationships or love. Sophie B Hawkins - 'Damn I wish I was your lover' or Joss Stone's - 'Fell in love with a Boy' comes to mind.

However there is one more song for that list. Someone asked me if I had a theme song. Something that encompassed all this in general. I thought about this for a while and a song that I used to listen to all the time when I was in high school jumped out at me. I had just recently heard it again. He isn't a favorite artist of mine but I simply loved this song and had forgotten about it. For me it hits home on so many levels.

Freedom 90 - George Michael (lyrics)

Now this list is version 1.0 I am always looking for new music and I even have five unopened CDs sitting on my desk that I haven't even had time to listen too. Not to mention some missing imeem play lists. I'll update this down the road when I have some new material but please feel free to add suggestions.

I do want to thank Rebecca over at The Thang Blog for putting this idea in my head. Her original post can be found here.


Jessica Lyn said...

I see you added that Shinedown song I told you about weeks ago.. that one really hits home for me. But I do have a few more songs.. some more sudtle than others but I think they still work:

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Hilary Duff - Wake Up
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman

And although this is more of a comedic song and I dont really listen to it, I am a fan of the band and this song has always got my attention and it pretty much sums it all up:

NOFX - My Vagina

Kelli Bennett said...

I know there was one I was missing and wouldn't you know it I got my imeem playlist back from MySpace finally. The same day I posted this. I have added in the Liz Phair song. I was on the tip of my tongue for weeks and I couldn't think of it. The chorus really does it for me. Also it is too good a song to not share now.

Jessica, thank you for the suggestions I'll give the first three a good listen. But I am not a big pop fan. But you never know.

However me and Shania don't get along. At all. For a number of reasons. Not to mention for some reason I've never liked that song. Sorry to disappoint you on that one.

Jessica Lyn said...

No worries huh its not something I listen to either.. just listed it cuz of the lyrics.

I never heard that Liz Phair song.. I only have "Why Cant I" from her. I did just give Extraordinary a listen.. I like it now too.