Monday, January 18, 2010

Ain't Technology Great?

Sometimes being a geek has its advantages.

I know it isn't typical a girl thing, but I do like technology. While I don't know if I want to be a systems admin for the rest of my life I do enjoy it to a degree.

It suits me since I am naturally inquisitive. I love to learn things. The world is full of amazing things. Both in nature and in science. I had aspirations of being a paleontologist when I was little. I actually find it a bit sad when I meet people who just don't seem to care about learning or exploring the world around them.

Truly it seems to me they are wasting the short time we get to be here without actually living it.

So right now work will remain technology based. I've though about getting involved in media somehow in the future but I have other things to deal with before I go down that road.

Back on topic. I have been working to get a playlist widget on my blog. I had been working with imeem's code for a few weeks in early December when all of a sudden imeem went the way of the do-do when myspace took them over.

Boo! Hiss!

I've never liked Myspace very much. Not to mention I had to wait almost two months to get them back so I knew what was on them.

The upside to this is I discovered the wonderful GrooveShark. Which I like even better. Granted it still has some rough edges it is still a fantastic service.

Also their widget was super easy to setup and use. All I really had to do was play with the size and colors to get it look good with my blog. After that it was one click to add my playlist and insert the code.

So today if you look down on the left sidebar you will see my grooveshark music widget with my transition playlist. So rather then all you wonder full people having to track this list down you simply need to click play. I am so looking forward to sharing my x-man playlist later this year. I have some interesting choices on that but still fun very christmasy.

I do hope you enjoy the current selection and keep an eye out for others that I am sure will come.


Jessica Lyn said...

I really love that song by Ivy. Can't wait to hear more.

Kelli Bennett said...

Wait until you get my x-mas music list later this year. Yes, there is a song by Ivy on there.