Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lifting the Veil

For some reason I feel compelled to do this. I am not sure why, maybe it has to do with the fact that once again I was out this weekend and heard yet again the following words.

"How do you live as a man?"

I may or may not keep this post up. I don't know. But this small glimpse might be all you get for a while.

This look was what I got by going to a MAC store for the first time. (I was going to talk about it here but I figured that would make a better post on it's own. I will say I have worked with a makeup stylist before. Who gave me a great introduction on how to do a lot, but the trip to MAC was simply amazing.)

This has pretty much become my basic signature look. After practicing it a few times I can pretty much do my whole face in 30 minutes. Including cleaning and prep.

There is no beard cover in this picture. I simply do not need it anymore. All this is, is a light foundation and powder. The eyes are neutral colors with a fun red (this first one I have fallen in love with) on the lips.

The only part of this photo that isn't me is the hair. As I have mentioned I still need to grow my own out more and solve the overall shape of it. I am thankful I still have it at least.

This photo was taken around December 1st.

So without any further ado,

Ok, so I imagine you are all going to think I am crazy, but there is work to be done. Notice the ridge above my brow. I do have a little to big a nose, but I need work on that even if I wasn't transitioning. I've had it struck to many times when I was younger and I am surprised I didn't break it on a couple of those and as long as I can remember I don't breath through it well.

After that it is just my chin and moving the hairline that you cannot see.

With that I feel I should be able to one live a lot more naturally and not have anyone think twice when I am out and about.


Jessica Lyn said...

Simply stunning huh! So jealous!

About the only thing I have done it started to grow out my hair.. but that has allowed me to see how much of it wont grow out as I'm starting to lose it. ;( Which is of course the front part so without spending a ton trying to fix that, I'm pretty much stuck with it until FFS comes about.

My nose is a bit bigger as well and I've also always had issues breathing out of it. In fact, I almost always breathing through my mouth... which isn't going to make for a "fun time" to any guy I'm with doing you know what. So that will have to be fixed.

Did I mention I'm jealous! :P

Melissa said...

Kelli sweetie, you look great! Your brow ridge is not that prominent, no more so than mine, and I wouldn't even consider surgery to lower mine. You have somewhat angular features, and the nose you have, suits those features well. Of course if you have breathing problems, that's something to think about correcting. You have a gorgeous smile! Your chin, while a bit prominent, is not deeply cleft, and well within female parameters. Your eyebrows are the one thing that may cause suspicion. They aren't bad, in fact they are pretty, just bit thick. When you go full time, you can get away with thinning them down considerably (decreasing their width from top to bottom). That's a tricky thing to do when you still have to present as a male. There is a width that is pretty much in between male and female, and that's where I keep mine, but you have to get there gradually over a period of time, so you and everyone around you can slowly get used to it.

Your wig is absolutely beautiful! I would love to get one like that, but I need a large cap size, and the selections for large sizes are pretty slim. Can you tell us where you got yours?

In short sweetie, you are a doll! You have nothing to worry about. You area beautiful woman, who is only going to get more beautiful! :-)

Melissa XX

Leslie Ann said...

Yep, crazy. Crazy dazzling! One just assumes that an avatar is an idealized version of a person, but in this case, no. You can already pass better than 90% of us. Facial surgery is just gravy.

It was a huge deal for me when I finally shared a photo, but my world didn't crumble, and yours won't either. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli Bennett said...

lol I so saw all this coming. I almost wanted to write 3...2...1 at the end of my post.

Still I am going to want to get the work done. Hard to believe but I do get read and I hate that. I just want to be like any other girl out there. With my size and shape the only thing that gives clues is my face and somewhat my voice. I'm working on the latter too.

@Melissa I'll have to look it up, for some reason where I got it is escaping me right now. It is a human hair wig and even though I managed to grab it on sale it still cost a pretty penny. I am also hoping it is the last one I'll ever need or use.

Also would you believe the brows are already less then half of what they used to be? I've been slowly working on them for two years. I still think they are a little too thick toward my nose, but I go again tomorrow and will have her take them down some more. But we've been doing it gradually over the 24 months.

Lastly thank you all for the compliments. Really I am just me no more no less and I have my issues to overcome changing from one gender to the other. Remember you can't see my natural hairline and if you've been following along you'll know that when I have a hat on I am getting ma'am-ed. But thank you again.

For now I am fine keeping this up but don't expect anything more. I guess I felt the need to let the readers have some idea what I look like.

Jerica said...

wow girl you're beautiful!!! =)

And I'm jealous about the no beard cover....course I've only had 3 laser treatments so far. =)

Kelli Bennett said...

Thank you again for all the compliments. I really am not a vain person. I don't seek validation or anything like that. I just thought I would at least give the readers some idea of what I look like.

I will always say that I am simply just me, I am fortunate that nature favored me in some areas but I also know I have to deal with the things that I didn't want.

Thus the nature of the beast.