Thursday, January 14, 2010

Glamorous Blog Award

Wow, well it shocks me more and more how many people are now reading my blog. It also appears that someone thinks it is actually a good one too. Since Jerica over at The Girl Inside has felt I deserve the Glamorous Blog Award. I'm flattered and amazed.

Now the spirit of this award is that I pick ten other blogs that I feel are deserving of it. Well I simply cannot do that. It is simply too hard to choose just ten and I also feel that is unfair. So if you write a blog and share your stories with those of us out there. Regardless if they are good, bad or simply you being you. Well by sharing that inspiration on the internet to me is glamorous. So please feel free to accept this award even though you are not on any list.


Jessica Lyn said...

I like your point of view on this.. wouldnt of handled it any differently myself.