Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinner with Mom: The Return

I am fairly sure I mentioned that I am now having dinner with my Mom once a month.

Last night was another one of those.

We talked about all types of things, being trans, how I present myself to the world, SCC, my fabulous friend some old and some new.

We even discussed my upcoming FFS surgery.

I am working with a Doctor in Boston to figure out financing options for it right now along with schedule. I have been talking to my boss about extended time off in February (or March) of next year. My goal is to use personal and vacation time so I don't exhaust either completely. As this particular event will require the most time off right now.

So it is mostly up in the air as to when exactly, I am trying to have that settled by the end of October.

My Mom, however told me rather matter of fact, that I will not be going alone. She would pay her airfare and meals, but she was not going to let me be by myself through this.

She was starting to push a bit on certain topics and bringing up some things that probably didn't need to be discussed. Which is when I had to get her off those topics.

I have also been told that my Brother is in the process of moving to a new location. So I am to hold of telling him just yet while they get him moved and resettled. Early November is what we are looking at right now. I was already warned this was coming so it wasn't really a surprise.

We also had to deal with my obnoxious older sister who felt it was necessary to make her presence known with a few texts while I was with Mom. She is always so jealous of the fact that mom likes me better.

(No she isn't my real sister, just my adopted one. She knows who she is and I still love her dearly. The texts were actually super sweet and cute. If a little snotty.)

It was actually kind of nice as my mom read what she wrote along with gave me something to reply with.

Texting is not one of my Mom's strong points.

We talked about my Dad and how it will be a slow process but Mom hopes that once he see who I really am it might open him up a little faster. We don't know, but understand this could take some serious time.

What really surprised me was how much she knew something was going on for years. We really dug into that and I was shocked how much she wanted me to come out with whatever it was that was bothering me. She just didn't see me as happy anymore.

Interesting footnote, I met her for dinner right after work so I was in so called boy mode. I got ma'am the entire time I was with her and mom didn't even flinch.

It was a productive talk and while I still have to be careful with mom, it is nice to have one parent supporting me and willing to talk.

I don't feel so alone anymore.


Stace said...

So pleased that you don't feel alone anymore. Your mum sounds amazing.


Melissa said...

I would die to have a mother like yours........but of course if I was dead, she wouldn't be much good to me, would she? Oh least you can be happy, that you have a mother like that! And I can be happy for you!

Melissa XX

Gina Lee said...

I agree! Your mom is awesome! So that is where you obviously got your gorgeous looks and dry wit!!! Your mother clearly senses that the one time that you will need her the most is around the surgery. She is trying so hard to support you! I respect her so much for that.

Kelli Bennett said...

@Gina, Funny you should say that since I have always favored my Fathers side of the family in resemblance.