Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Administrative Item #2

My Brother.

This one is the most difficult to read. I am not kidding.

My bother, for lack of a better description, is very macho.

He was a body builder, hunter, fisherman, ice hockey nut. He lives, eats, and breaths the outdoors. I cannot describe him better then using the term super manly.

Which also plays a factor in how to tell him. After his divorce, he moved to a very rural part of the state. It would be a trip that would total 14 hours one way, if done by car. Flying isn't much better as I would have to make three hops just to get to an airfield that is close.

He, like my mother, can be opinionated and difficult. However he is worse then she is, by far. He can be incredible difficult when he wants to be. Along with supremely stubborn. He can also be quite bigoted about certain things.

Not to mention extremely self centered.

I have a famous story about him getting mad a me for taking a trip to a location he has always wanted to go. He happen to call while I was packing and once he found out where I was going and when, promptly said goodbye and hung up.

I did not speak to him for almost six months he was that upset about it.

Still he has always been an excellent brother. He taught me a lot of things. Introduced me to things and ideas that I might not otherwise have been expected encounter had I actually been a girl. Along with always protective of me when it came to bullies and other issues growing up.

It does give me a very unique background.

My mother and I discussed it this past weekend. Her suggestion was to take the letter I wrote for Her and Dad, change it for my Brother, and read it to him over the phone.

This seems like a good idea. First the letter is fairly generic about explaining things. I will have to change a few paragraphs that were more focus on my parents but I can alter them for my brother.

Also I like the fact that this is going to be so hard to say that if I have the words scripted I stand a better chance of getting though it all without forgetting something or just creating confusion.

Since I don't really have any better ideas, really face to face isn't feasible at all, I think it is the best approach. Along with having it written down so I know I can get it out.

My Mom just asked that I warn here when I am ready and plan on telling him since She wants to make sure She is available for him to talk to. She knows he is probably going to call almost as soon as I get of the phone with him.

My plan as of right now is to get the letter altered (as I have mentioned I have been super busy) within the next couple of weeks and then try to pin him down.

This one out of all of them is going to be very interesting.


Stace said...

Sounds like my brother...

I was terrified of telling him - and he was the last of the close family to find out because of that, and it turned out to be one of the easiest people to tell - a complete non event. It was a simple 'OK, doesn't change anything' and when I said I was waiting for an appointment at the gender clinic he simply said said 'Good on you, well done'.

Hope your brother takes it as well.