Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On A Whim

Just because I can. I am a woman after all.

The past two years I have attended the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta.

While I am haven't been shy about my issues with the Trans community as a whole. I still found this conference to be invaluable for me.

The first year I was there I learned and discovered so much about myself even though I was nervous, scared and even had a moment of panic, it was still a wondrous experience for me.

There is also a crazy 'the dress' story I tell from that event.

Most importantly were the friends I met. You recall S & J I tell you about? Well I met that J down there the first year. Only to find out we were both lived in my home state.

Others too, even more important to me, but sadly not local.

Last year was even more amazing as I had broken free of the nerves and uncertainty which allowed me to just be myself.

This year with everything going on I was unsure if I could make it, afford it or needed to use the time for other things.

However with work wavering back and forth on if I could even take time off then I left it open, but still thought I wasn't intending to go.

I knew I was going to miss seeing my friends.

I just figured I would get through it and I knew I intended to be back someday.

Thus I had essentially written off making the trip this year.

That has all changed.

I had a rotten week last week with work, home and other things. I was fighting feelings of all different types. When it suddenly hit me just how much I was going to miss my friends.

Not to mention the chance of meeting someone new and very dear to my heart for the first time. As she also lives out of my home state yet has become one of my closest friends.

It all boiled up and I realized I need some time for me and more importantly spend time with people I care about and whom care about me.

The real question was could I book anything this late. Along with not having to pay an arm and a leg.

After much internet scouring along with several calls to the hotel I got lucky.

The hotel had a room free up at the last minute and after several online searches I got airfare for a really reasonable price.

That means this week I head on down to Atlanta, GA and hope to grab some much needed me time along with getting a boost from friends that I have not seen in a year.

And one I have never seen at all.

It should be interesting and fun all rolled into one.