Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gotta Love Him: Part II

You might recall this conversation that I had just before my out of town trip?

If not I suggest you get yourself up to date so that the rest of this post makes sense.



So what happened?

Let's just say he majorily owes me one.


He sent me a text shortly after I started getting ready notifying me that the plans had changed and we were meeting at his house.

I told him no problem and that I would be ready in about an hour.

When I got to his door we had the following exchange.

"OMG you look amazing as always! But we aren't going out."

"Um when were you going to tell me this?"

"I did when I sent you my text."

"No you said; 'change of plans come here instead', which only told me that we were all gather here instead of meeting at the bar."

"Oh dear, no I meant that we were not going out and that we are having a bonfire here and plenty of snacks and drinks."

"Well you could have mentioned this, as I was still under the impression that we were still going out."

"I am soo sorry!"

"Lol no big deal I don't mind the bonfire, I am just a little over dressed."

He apologized again, he is lucky that my taste in clothing is rather mainstream. I was in jeans, as usual, with just a cute top and heels on. Granted heels and grass lawns don't exactly mix, it was ok as I didn't have to do a lot of standing outside. I do give him credit he quickly offered a sweatshirt for me to use so I wouldn't get cold. As living up here in September can cause you to experience any type of weather at a moments notice.


The temp actually had dipped to be in the low 60s with a strong cool wind and eventually a little rain later in the night.

Still even though I was over dressed I had a ton of fun. I got to hang with B (one of my favorite peeps), his cousin C, total sweetie, B's Boyfriend (who gets quite obnoxious when drinking), two of his other gay friends, and then two of B's HS friends. M and MK who are both cis girls.

This is where the really interesting part comes in.

At one point in the evening B had slipped back into the house to refresh a few drinks. His friend MK went in shortly after to use the bathroom.

Nothing unusual.

Well later after several people had left to head home for the night. B pulled me into a side room to chat. He knows I don't publicly tell people I am Trans, so he doesn't mention it in front of others and he had something to tell me.

"OMG!! You are not going to believe this!"


"Do you remember when MK came into the house while I was in here?"


"Well she stopped me before I came out to ask me about you?"

[Editors Note: It is important to know that while I wasn't divulging my entire life history outside, I was engaging in polite conversation and telling a little about myself. Generally speaking of course.]

"Oh really? What did you tell her?"

"Nothing like that, but let me tell you this. First, she totally wanted more information from me about you. She totally did not know that you were trans and completely viewed you as competition. So she was trying to find out more about you. Second, She was completely baffled as to how I met a girl as hot as you at a gay bar."

"Wow! Really?"

"Lol this is rather new to you isn't it?"

"Duh, B I am still firmly in the process of transitioning."

"You know that still totally amazes me, because I know you haven't had any work done yet. But, wow Kelli, every time I see you I can't believe you are anything but a girl. You act like one, you sound like one, and for goodness sake you sure do look like one. I still have a hard time believing that figure of yours is natural."

"Awww, thanks B. It is all me however. I will admit I do have a lot to learn about what living as a girl is like. I never got to do it before."

He chuckled at me and we chatted about a few more things before it was my time to leave, else I turn into a pumpkin.

It should be noted too that MK was a very pretty twenty something who, apparently was, jealous of my looks. I guess I will never get used to that.

Being the sweetheart that he is B walked me to my car just to make sure I was safe.

I love that boy.


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