Friday, July 2, 2010


A little over a week ago I was in the car running some errands.

When my phone rang.

Curious as I wasn't expecting any calls at that time of day.

Well I glanced down at my phone and noticed it was B.

You remember B? I have mentioned him before.

Surprised as I had tried to get a hold of him a few weeks before but had not heard from him.

This is what was said:

"Hello? B?"



"Girl how are you? Sorry I didn't get back with you earlier but I have been really busy. But I want to ask you something."

"Lol, no problem sweetie what can I do for you?"

"Are you free on July 24th?"

"Hmmmm...(My brain quickly churned through my schedule and could not think of anything on the 24th)...Nothing I think, I am completely free that day I believe, why?"

"Well I am having a cookout here at the house my BF and I are hosting it and I would love it if you could come."

(Insert SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!)

"Really?!? I would love to come, hold on let me just double check my calender really quick."

(Flip to my calender on my phone. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. YAY!!!)

"No I have that day completely free hun."

"Great so you will be there, since I should tell you S and J are already coming, and we would love to have you."

"I will so be there, and thank you sooooo much for inviting me sweetie."

"You are most welcome babe. Oh and just so you know I will have food and stuff but it is BYOB."

"I can handle that. Thank you again. I have to run but I will see you on the 24th if not sooner."

"Awesome, see you then."


I felt like bursting right then and there in the car.

These are the types of things that I want to start doing more of. Just going out being me in everyday settings. I really just want to stop thinking about my gender and just do.

I'll get to met some new people, enjoy some good food and hopefully share in some good times and laughs.

I did get back with B the next day and being me I offered to bring dessert.

So I am going to make my sinfully delicious smores bars. They seem to be the thing to bring to a cookout.

I simply cannot go somewhere and not bring a dish. :D

Have I said 'SQUEEE' yet?


LeAnne said...

Yeaaayyy!!! Good for you! I'm really happy for you being able to be yourself, meeting people and carrying on with your life as the person whom you have kept hidden for all these years!
I can feel the excitement your are feeling as I, get the same way when something similar happens to me.
Really love that you shared this.


Oh, and bringing something, is just good manners.

Jessica Lyn said...

You're too cute hun "SQUEEEEE!!!"

Have fun at the BBQ!


Kelli Bennett said...

@Jessica: Lol! Guilty as charged. I am so not ashamed of being a cute yet smart girl. I am proud of my geekette flag. In fact I should be able to clean up in the cute geek guy area. If I can just find cute geeky guys who are not afraid to talk to girls. *sigh*


@Leanne, Thank you very much. Granted I am not at full time yet. I am really starting to look forward to just being me. B has become a dear friend along with R whom I hope I get to see on the 24th also. They are both adorable and wonderfully fun to hang out with. So I am hoping that their extended friends are just as awesome!!

And yes bringing a dish is always good manners which is why I volunteered. :D

Jerica Truax said...

awesome girl =) Have fun at the of many to come just being you =)