Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stay of Execution

Tuesday night I talk to my friend who offered me the job.

However I did not end up having to disclose to him just yet.

The reason relates to a surprise I got at my current job.

If you recall there is a rather large project that I will be handling here at work.

Which was impacting my ability to take time off at the end of the year.

However with the waffling and feet dragging, not to mention the hierarchical posturing in upper management that was happening I was fearing that things would get so delayed that I would be working twenty hour days in November and December.

Not a pleasant thought.

What surprised me was the three quarters of a million dollars I did manage to get the company to spend arrived on site yesterday.

Thought it will be a few weeks to get it all setup and running as we were not expecting it just yet.

There is some prep work to be done.

What does this have to do with my friend?

Well he knew what the project was, he also knew a lot more of the details of what was upsetting me about the current progress. After I told him it had come in he told me to wait. That is too big a project to pass up and it will look great on a resume.

Just as long as he can get some spare time from me. Which I am completely ok with.

Besides being a salary employee the extra money on the side right about now is really nice to have.

Yes I will still tell him, I just wasn't sure I wanted to tell him just yet.

I also was having a lot of reservations regarding having to introduce myself to a lot of other strangers that I would have to explain who I was to.

It still might happen but I am glad for the respite that I am getting.

I could use the time to sort it out a bit more.

Or at least better prepare myself for it if I do choose to work for him.

We shall see.