Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interesting Development

So early this week I was showing a picture on my phone to a couple of guys at work.

They commented on what I was showing them and then followed that comment up with this:

"So who is the chick in the photo?"

Well...that chick was me.

I know it was said tongue in cheek, but I cannot help but wonder what they are now thinking.

The last time I had gotten my hair cut short was almost two and a half years ago.

It is starting to reach my shoulders.

Most of my weight loss occurred before I walk in the door here in January 2008.

Granted I didn't start hormones until May of 2009.

Still this is the first time I have heard something like this.

I wasn't upset. Though I did pause before I said anything. I also hope I placed the right expression of irritation on that said how could they think such a thing.

No idea if I succeeded on that last one.

But still the comment was generated because of the way I currently look.

Things should get interesting around here very soon. Scheduling FFS is going to trigger coming out to HR and management.

As I don't think I am going to be able to disappear for a few weeks and come back and expect to walk around here continuing to be a boy.

Life is going to get more and more interesting.


Stace said...

I wish you the best of luck. Just out of curiosity what clues did they give away?


Kelli Bennett said...

I am not sure I understand the question Stace. What clue I gave away? Or what clue they commented on?

Gina Lee said...

Oh come on, Kelli. It sounds like you work with a lot of guys. You could cut your head off and screw it back on backwards and they might in a few days ask, "Do you have new sunglasses or something?" LOL

To be honest, you already look so cute, I can't believe they would really notice the FFS.

Kelli Bennett said...

Gina!!!!! OMG I have missed you! Lol you should know I work in an almost totally male dominated field.

And yes they are men, so it should take them a while, but I have been changing for quite a long time.

This was just the first time anything was said.