Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime Noms

While I am very much a Fall and Winter kind of girl.

Since really I love the crispness and colors in the Fall.

Not to mention I am a total snow bunny in the Winter.

I still do love Summer. Changing seasons make the world a wonderful place and I cannot imagine living anywhere that doesn't.

Ok, maybe when I am older and just don't want to deal with the cold and such, but for now that is a very long way off.

Summertime however is a great time for food!

I know, I know the skinny girl who watches what she eats is talking food.


What I am getting at is that a lot of options open up to one about what they can eat.

Such as the Maple Teriyaki Salmon along with squash and eggplant that I grilled for dinner last night.

Summertime just brings that out and increases one's possibilities not only of what to eat but being a northern Midwest girl being outside cooking on the patio is just magical.

I love it.

Things are just fresh and available this time of year when they might not normally be.

Or at least the quality isn't the same.

Case in point, homemade fruit parfaits for breakfast. Some vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and a little honey almond granola.


From my desk this morning.

Eating right doesn't have to be unpleasant and bland. I have been enjoying fresh watermelon, berries, and vegetables far more frequently. I even have fresh cut pineapple to go along with my turkey wrap for lunch.

All made at home.

I was teased about making a good housewife by a very good friend of mine. Since I was in the middle of prepping dinner for yesterday not to mention I had my lunches and meals for the week already planned out.

My answer was if I could just find a tall good looking doctor I would be all set! lol /wink

Regardless I hope that this inspires those trying to lose weight to try other things. As I said it can be done.

Now if I could just get my hands on some thimble berries this parfait would be perfect.


Jessica Lyn said...

I'm very much the picky eater.. I don't tend to like very many veggies. Fruit and I get along greatly, so no problem there. I find it hard to make the switch to eat heathlier because of my dislike of about 90% of veggies. Your parfaits sounds delish (and what's with the 2 keyboards and and why a Mac?.. ugh). The I can do the mable Teriyaki, but its a no go with the salmon... I like all other fish though.

Does the friend who made the housewife comment know about the real you? I've had some comments like that before from people who don't know about me.. of course they're joking about those comments always brought a smile to my face!

Kelli Bennett said...

Wow am I about to reveal just how big a geek I am. If you look very closely. Just above that apple logo, and I admit it is a little fuzzy, it says Windows 7 Ultimate.

That is right I might have Apple hardware but I am naively booting Windows 7 on both my desktop and laptop (which is a MacBookPro). It started last year when after a year and a half I was told I was no longer allowed to have my own equipment in at work. (I had been buying my own laptops for years to get something decent. Makes a nice tax write off too) Anyway, the thinkpads we use are terrible but when I found that Windows 7 was supposed to be able to boot a Mac without OSX being installed I gave it a try.

And I got it to work. Since then I have never looked back. The iMac you see, well seeing as I do a lot of virtualization work and I quite often need to test an app to see if it can run in a virtual environment I needed a rather powerful workstation.

These things are used in the art department and have 8GB of RAM in them. Getting it replaced three desktops that I using. Oh, yeah, and I installed Windows 7 on it too.

The second keyboard is for my OSX virtual box, as I need to create files naively sometimes for admin purposes and I need that stupid apple key. I just plug in a second one to make it easier.

I never saw myself in this line of work. It all stemmed from learning how to build a PC in the early 90's to save myself some serious money while in college. The rest they say is history.

Oh and the friend who made the housewife comment. Yeah she knows about me. If fact that is a rather fascinating story that I should post about one day. Since we are both moving through transition at almost exactly the same time and pace.

Jessica Lyn said...

Ahh.. good girl, cuz I really hate Mac OSX.. tho it is a great improvement over their older OSs. I love Win7.. and yes I totally missed that on your photo, thanks for pointing that out!

I too started building PCs in the early 90s for the same reason. And I also started building websites then too. Which is what I do now at my job.. well not so much websites but rather web apps and interfaces.

We are not allowed to bring our owe hardware into work either which sucks cuz my home PC blows my work PC out of the water and they just bought us "new ones." Actually they are new but before they bought them they came to me and asked me for specs on the system that I felt we should get, and when they came they were nothing like what I told them. Not to mention they dont want to install Win7 64bit eventhough it would allow us to take advantage of the 6GB ram we have. So lame.