Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shock the world!

So as I start preparing for how my life is going to change and in getting into practice at tell people about my function.

I am starting to tell people who are important to me about what is coming.

One of them is my General Practitioner.

He has been my primary doctor for about 12 years now.

I like him, he listens well, is very personable and respects what I tell him. He is also excellent at following up.

So as I prepare to move forward this one worried me.

I want to keep him as my doctor as long as I stay local to the area.

But I know some frown on the whole trans things and even refuse to treat people with a background such as myself.

So this week I had my annual physical with him. Kick the tires so to speak.

We chatted for a bit, he asked me how I was feeling, I mentioned the nagging cough I had from a cold I had last week.

He asks about anything else. If I had any other issues or symptoms. I tell him no to everything.

But I mention there is something else I need to talk to him about.

He asked me what it was. The conversation went a little something like this:

"Well I just want to say that I value you as my doctor, and no matter what I am about to tell you, I would like to keep it that way. So I am glad you are sitting down for this."

"Wow, well, now you have me really intrigued what is up?"

"Well since I don't know how to say this, let me ask you this, Have you ever had a Transgendered patient before?"

"No can't say that I have."

"Well you do now"



"Really. Wow, You have me reeling a bit, I just would have never expected that from you. Are you sure about all this?"

So then I dug into the fact I had been seeing a therapist for almost 2 years now trying to come to terms with who and what I am. That I have done my homework, it was obvious to him that I was approaching this with a clear mind and a lot of information. Along with some deep soul searching before coming to this conclusion. I also gave him a release form from my therapist in case he wanted to talk to her.

He then surprised me with his full support with anything, coming out, and even remaining my doctor. Anything I needed at all he would be there for and he would not ever refuse seeing me as a patient. He was more concerned about how society would view me and treat me. He is very much of the mindset that I am. Gay, Straight, Trans, whatever why can't we let people just be themselves.

His genuine concern and support was so surprising that I almost lost it in the exam room.

I mean he even volunteer to help keep an eye on my hormone levels even though he would let another doctor administer them. He is basically saving me extra trips to the lab by having them done under his office.

Did I tell you I really like my Doctor.

The I could not have imagined this going better then it did.

I can only hope it this easy to do this in the future.

LOL! As I like to now say one down, six billion to go!

No I am not being pessimistic, in fact I never felt better about all this then I do now.

I just like to crack a joke about the situation to help me remain calm.

Now I told you that story to tell you this one.

As I mentioned above I had a release form my therapist signed just to make sure all the bases were covered, legally. Not that she had an issue talking to my doctor.

But I did have to stop after work to pick it up. Now she mentioned the was going to be in a session about the time I would be getting there. But I knew with traffic around here I stood a good chance of being there just about the time it would be ending.

Even though She was leaving the forms out in the waiting area for me to sign I got there just like I thought I would so I read over everything and signed both copies. Just about the time her session let out. So I walked back to her office and knock on the partially closed door.

She pulled it open, and stared at me.

(Now it should be noted here she has not seen me in full boy mode since some of our earliest sessions. I simply that uncomfortable being myself when dressed as a guy that I always now show up as myself, maybe not 100% complete, but as much as I can right now)

And She stared at me some more.

And blinked.

And continued to stare.

It was a good 10 or 15 seconds and I started to realize that she wasn't putting it together. (My presentation as a woman isn't over the top, I keep my clothing stylish and quite often casual, makeup is usually light, but I don't use my natural hair color while I wait to grow it out so I can have it colored they way I want it.)

So I figured at this point I should let her off the hook, I smiled and started to open my mouth so say something...

...and her eye's popped out of her head.

She exclaimed: "Kelli!"

I replied: "Yes"

She laughed and said until I smiled she couldn't put it together who was standing there. And as we talked she realized even more it was me.

Just in the wrong packaging.

She complimented me on my hair and how nicely it was growing in, albeit to slowly for my taste, but I have time. So I will continue to be patient.

Though she could see why I complain about the location of my hairline and why I would want to alter it. But noted that I still have a very full head of hair even with the slight thinning I have suffered.

We chatted for a few minutes more and then I had to be on my way. But she noted as I left that my personality does clash with my appearance, because all she could see was a boyish looking girl talking to her.

But what I wouldn't have given to have had a camera right at the moment She realized who I was.

The expression on her face was priceless.