Friday, October 9, 2009

On the head!

Sometimes, somewhere, something comes along and strikes you right between the eyes. Something that puts into words actions or deeds that fit right into what you are thinking but can't seem to equate that into words.

This morning I read the following words and they couldn't have rung more true. I have spent almost 34 years doing exactly this.

"Once created, physically male gender folk live in their male role — a 3-D personality with its own goals, likes and dislikes, values, hobbies, etc. Although indistinguishable from the "real thing," it isn't themselves. It is an artificial creation for them to be able to fit in. This is achieved at the expense of denying, locking away, their natural female self. (See Brain Gender and Brain Sex.) Their desire to be "normal" has denied them their natural selves. But, as the nagging reality of the deception becomes harder and harder to suppress, one has to express their true gender somehow, in some way."

It is going to be a long day...


Rebecca said...

Yes!! Exactly!!! Although, with me... it wasn't quite so indistinguishable. I did cross-stitch, talked about my personal problems at work, cried (a lot), hated sports, tools, anything manly at all, loved shopping.... My brothers were convinced I was gay.

I'm here for you, sweetie... only a chat window away.

Kelli Ann Bennett said...

Lol, I was always a conflict, I was athletic but small. I loved Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer.

However I like thinks like art, music, and when I was younger I had sticker and stuffed animal collections, loved clothes, but clashed with boys clothing.

I was also lucky that my parents taught me to be well rounded, I learned to sew, cook, and clean. Along with how to work on cars, homes, etc. I can't say I loved these things but the skills served me well in more ways then one.

lol had nature done the right thing I would have been a spunky, independent, sometimes tomboyish girl growing up who would have said lead, follow or get out of my way.

But yet still a girl.