Friday, October 30, 2009

Open During Construction

Pardon the dust and mess.

If you haven't noticed, things around here look a little different.

Same me, new look.

Actually I never really was that enamored with my old layout.

Color was nice but the design always felt constricting.

So I finally did some searching and found this layout.


However I have to update and reset somethings.

So please pardon my dust while I clean the place up.


Gina said...

Wow! Very dramatic makeover for your blog! I love it! Yes, this is Gina from SCC and the West Coast. Sorry, I guess I didn't identify myself. I do think that option #1 is your option. I don't say that lightly since I really think that most people who have the surgery really are not having it for the right reasons. And I fully know how much trauma this can cause in people's life. But I do think that this is who you are and you won't be truly happy until you have become yourself.

Kelli Ann Bennett said...

Actually you did, When you signed a post Gina Lee I knew who it was then.

I'm glad you like the new look. There is some mild tweaking I need to do yet, but I'll get it there.

As for the options I am going to review them in a post very soon. I'm just trying to work my way through all this.

But the opinions I get back do mean a lot. SCC was truly eye opening for me this year.