Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunch Rush

You might remember this story here. 

Do you?


If not I suggest you go familarize yourself with it.

Go on...

...I'll wait...



Now that you are familair with the fact that I don't go out to lunch anymore with people from work. It makes the all the more sense when you consider yesterday.

I ran out to grab an Itailan sub from a local little deli. 

They are amazing. 

It is a cool place where you stand in the middle of the line and shout out your order. Three people working the entire store and I do belive they bake their own bread.

After having done conveyed my order and was moving up to the casheir to pay for my order, the clerk turned around, grabbed the sub that was waiting and asked who's it was. 

The other one replied. "Oh that is hers right there."

Obviously she was pointing right at me. 

The really scary part. 

There weren't any other girls in the place. 

This is a big reason I have stopped trying to even go out as him. I just find it awkward these days and I never know what the response is going to be and whom I will be with. I really just want to avoid awkward moments.

I really have become a homebody.

Thank goodness life as him is rapidly coming to a close. 

It just isn't fast enough.


LeAnne said...

Time is an asset, not a liability. If we were to move into our next life in too much haste, failure would be our friend.

It's good to have constant validation! After all, what woman does not like to be noticed!!

Good for you!!

Kelli Bennett said...

@LeAnne, Don't worry I am not moving faster then I should or can. My transition thus far has been very deliberate and slow.

I also don't intend to change that philosophy at all. I am not sure I will make my self imposed June deadline. We shall see but I really want to reach full time before years end.

LeAnne said...


I do recall a post where your time line was revealed. I was just trying to ease the pain. So, to speak.

I'm a little like you on when this whole thing is going to happen for me as well.
This is my year. Like it or not!

Wish you the best!