Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living in an Icebox

Actually I have this theory.

It is kind of crazy.

I actually do think that hell isn't a blazing inferno.


Not one sparkling ember.

I full believe that it is instead frozen.




I cannot think of anything that would be a worse punishment then to have to shovel snow for the rest of eternity.

Making you think aren't I?

I could very well could be onto something.

Moving on.

The real reason I mention temperature is the fact that we had a bit of an incident at the office to day.

A close encounter of the frigid kind, if you will.

There are two things you must know. One is that I am responsible for a large portions of equipment that is located in our datacenter. As this is a windy and considerable cooled installation. The average temp in there is usually just over 60 degrees.

Second is that my building, the one on the campus that I am actually in. Has very large windows as the exterior wall. What I am referring too is almost floor to ceiling windows and our walls are ten or twelve feet in height.

Now knowing that I can tell you this. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, I am cold in this building. Even in the summer I usually have a light track jacket on hand in case I have to go into the datacenter or the air is unusually chilly. The other reason is that the layers hid what I actually look like underneath.

Winter is obviously worse.

Now I like winter, I love to ski and partake in a number of wintry activities. However I am usually dress appropriately for these types of pastimes. I am also moving around.

How else could I get a picture like this?

Which brings me to yesterday at the office. An all together different matter. My region had been beset upon by some crazy arctic air patters and we have been experiencing single digit temperatures.

Now I was aware of this and knowing my office I had three layers on.

[Editorial point; While I do indeed still love Winter, I also do not have the tolerance for cold that I once used to. Just another one of the changes I have had to learn to deal with. I just try to know what I am doing and wear more clothing.]

Yes I said three.

The worst part?

It wasn't enough.

For some silly reason some circuit crossed or some electron jumped when it should not have.


All know is it was around 55 degrees in my office and the vents were blowing cold air.

It was cold.

Blowing warm air into your hands kind of cold.

It was crazy. Everyone in the office was sitting in their jackets.

It took building maintenance almost the entire day to fix the issue. Whatever it was.

I could not get home fast enough, shovel snow, start a fire and snuggle up under a blanket with something warm to eat.

The ridiculous part?

After I was all nice and toasty warm again. I bundled myself all back up and took my dogs for a late night walk around a local park.

I just find the outside magical during winter and walking in the woods and the snow late at night is just too pretty and serene. It allows me to take my mind off of things and enjoy the moment. Even if I am with the dynamic duo.

That doesn't mean I wasn't snugly tucked into my bed with an electric blanket on as soon as I got home. :D


Melissa said...

There is a huge difference between being inside and cold, and being literally out in the cold, doing what you like to do. Inside cold is much worse! Don't worry though dear, just a couple more months, and the cold weather will be gone, and here on the mid Atlantic cost, that means pushing a lawn mower around in 90°heat, and high humidity. I don't know which I despise worse!

Melissa XX

Kelli Bennett said...

lol I have been enjoying this winter immensely. Sans getting to do any skiing. I just didn't enjoy sitting in a cold, and I do mean cold, office all day.

I get colder more easily now and I just don't expect something like that.

Stace said...

Our office has floor to tripple height ceiling 1930's windows. It's a nightmare! The radiators are either a furnace or ice makers, and we can't get a decent temperature in the room.

Thankfully, we have an internal room coming up and the new room should be a lot better, every single person in our room wants to move yesterday!

Working in either a sauna, or a fridge is just a nightmare!