Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry, Merry

Even in light of my last post things have not been all bad.

The holidays for the most part while uncomfortable passed without much incident. 

I even got to spend Christmas night with B who invited me to an amazing party that night that was invite only. 

He asked me to come with him as he wanted to take someone who would appreciate the surroundings. 

It indeed was a beautifully setting and the food was amazing. 

I even indulged in a slice of cheesecake. 

I know right?!?

He is such an important friend right now I don't know where I would be without him. 

Sadly I did not get to see him for New Years Eve but I did wish him a happy one. 

I know I owe him a phone call too.

As for what I got for Christmas? 

Kind of interesting. 

I finally got one of these:

It feels like a tank and at five and a half quarts roomy enough to make some bigger dishes in without being huge. I have already made a Beer-Braised Chuck Roast that was very yummy and tender. Along with a pork shoulder that was even better.

I love the fact that I can sear in it then add tasty noms to gather flavor put everything back in then cook slowly in the oven. All in the same pot. Food is so yummy that way.

I am dying to make Chicken Cacciatore or White Wine Coq Au Vin recipes that I have. 

I also got one of these:

I have been wanting a good mortar and pestle for quite some time and this one is awesome. Perfect size at two and a half cups and very reasonable too but my goodness could you hurt someone with it. Solid granite is just that SOLID. The Pestle itself could be considered a deadly weapon.

A Sandra Lee cook book (the more I watch her the more I like her).

I also got the perfect jewelry box from a very special friend I have already half filled it. I couldn't find the exact one but it looks like this only a wonderful cherry wood grain.

Lastly I got the cutest little butterfly necklace that I simply love. I have been looking for something light and simple like this. It is very summery too, I know I will be wearing it a lot once the weather is warmer.

That was about it. The Dutch oven was rather pricey and it was a group gift to me as they know my love of cooking. 

So while my life was full of major stressors at least the holidays were somewhat quiet and I got a few things I wanted.

I hope all yours were as well.


Jessica Lyn said...

Awesome gifts! Glad you have a great holiday!