Monday, November 8, 2010

Returning to the Closet

This past weekend I went back into the closet.


I am not kidding.

I had come to the conclusion that I could not continue forward with the way things were.

Thus into the closet I went.

And cleared out some of his stuff.

It simple was time for some of 'him' to go.

I hope you didn't think I wasn't transitioning any longer.

Far from it actually.

But I really was in a closet.

Picture this, most of my clothes were in a small closet space in the basement. I also had a bunch of other things in a couple of small suit cases folded as neatly as I could keep it. Inevitably though it would just get all messy again.

Factor in all the extra hours I have been working I haven't had a lot of time to plan an outfit like I normally do. So this last Thursday I was in a mad scramble trying to find things for my therapy appointment.

It was during this I realized I was doing more and more as me (Though work was impeding on that quite a bit lately, but now that I have that over with I will have a lot more free time and I intend to use it.) and I was finding living this way rather inconvient.

Living out of a suitcase just wasn't acceptable. In addition I was up in 'his' closet or at least the closet that out of four that had been allocated to me. When I realized I didn't wear 70% of the things that were in there anymore. Really a lot of things were left over from my fat days and were extra large or double which I now absolutely swim in.

With that into the closet I went.

I removed everything.

Re-hung a clothes bar.

Added in a small set of plastic drawers.

A small four shelf shoe rack.

Sorted through all of his clothes and unloaded three bags worth of stuff I am not going to wear ever again.

[This was a little sad I watch some items I was once very fond of go. In some cases I had shirts that were many years old and still looked wearable today.]

I hung, sorted and organized stuff for me in one half. Even placing some small hooks up for belts and accessories.

There is still work to be done. I still have to finish going through the stuff downstairs and packing away summer items and pulling out winter.

In the end it was very worth it. I could look into the closet space and see items I wanted. Find them quickly not to mention they were now properly hung.

Which not only felt like I did something for me, it also made me more prepared should someone call on a Friday night and ask me if I want to go out. I would be able to throw something together in a matter of minutes for just about any occasion.

I found it all rather therapeutic since work and life had pressed down on me rather hard lately.

Maybe it was because I walked into it this morning to get something for work and looked at the other side and smiled.

Or maybe it was the fact that when I was all done I came back out of the closet.

Which is much better than staying in there.


Carolyn Ann said...

Thanks for making me laugh! That was very cute! :-)

Halle said...

You had me going, you sneaky one!

There comes a time when the clearing out of those clothes (and sometimes other items) you once needed, but for whatever reason, do not need anymore must happen. It is liberating. You have made that same choice yet again and forever this time; that affirmation feels very good indeed.

So far, for me it is just the over-sized stuff I had been keeping in case of backsliding on my healthy living program.

It holds for all positive decisions.

Congratulations Kelli!