Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fifty Words or Less

That idea is virtually impossible considering the last week of my life.

Not that anything bad has happened just that life has been crazy busy and interesting.

I'll start with last Wednesday when I had dinner with Mom again.

This was the first one we have been able to have since I told my brother. It is also right after my parents went up to his place and moved him from his old residence to his new.

Which meant there was a lot to talk about. The first thing my mom went over were some very pointed questions about how I came about to determining all this.

The interesting part was she was trying to figure out who determined I should start spending time out as a woman. It took a few questions to realize this is what she was asking. I told her that even though I was going out as me more now that I have seen a therapist. I was already going out before then.

I could see the light bulb go on over her head.

I think my brother and father had done a good job of planting the seed of doubt in her head, even though I could tell she wasn't trying to listen to it, it was there.

After that is was a very productive talk about a lot of things and feelings. I can't go into detail about it all right now. I certainly cannot complain about what we discussed, once we got past the opening issue.

I know for a fact people are having a hard time envisioning what I look like as me. Thus I am crazy for thinking this is even remotely possible.

Which brings me to the flip side of this.

I called my good friend B last week, as I now had some free time to get out. I learned that he was semi-permanently transferred to a city a few hours north of here. But that he was spending his time at home on the weekends.

He also informed me that he was now single again.

With that he was completely on board with hanging out with me on the weekend. Only he didn't know if he when he was coming in. So he told me he would call me later in the week.

I didn't get the call. Instead I got a text Friday afternoon asking if I could go out Friday night. With some thought and some scheduling juggling I said yes.

I was even the designated driver for the evening see how I can't really indulge in any liquid fueled festivities anymore.

That certainly doesn't stop me from going out.

After a mad dash at home I managed to get ready and out the door at a reasonable hour to pick everyone up.

Then proceed to have some of the most fun I have had in a long time. I simply adore hanging out with B.

He was a peach when at the first bar a rather creepy guy wouldn't leave me alone so B promptly came to my rescue by pretending that he and I were an item. With that creepy guy left me alone.

We just had fun talking and checking out boys. Sadly he had a better chance with them than I did but still a cute guy is a cute guy.

After we switched bars to a more night club styled one for some time on the dance floor. He was hanging out with me after we had stepped off for a break, when he noticed a cute guy behind me.

"So why don't you go over and talk to him?"

"Well you are here."

"What has that got to do with anything?"

"Well I don't want to leave you alone by yourself."

"B, if you are going to use me as an excuse I am going to be very upset with you! Really I am a big girl I can handle myself. Besides you have been a wonderful friend all night, go, talk, see what happens. Remember I am still your ride home so it is not like you can ditch me here!!!"

He laughed and said I had a good point. So not only did he go over and talk to the cute guy he also ending up getting a number.

B did tell me the guy was confused at first since B was there with a really attractive blonde. B assured him I as just a friend he hung out with nothing more.

The only downside to the whole evening was the awful fog that set in as we were leaving taking my forty-five minute drive to get everyone and myself home to an hour and forty-five minutes. It was very late or should I say early by the time I got home.

Which brings me to Saturday as B called me in the morning to see if I wanted to come over for dinner.

I did, though I warned him I was going out with a different group of friends after that he was fine with it. As I ended up talking and spending time with him and his roommate for almost four hours.

I really amazed him when I used his room to change my outfit by removing the wrap I had on reveling the striped sequin top. Threw a cropped jacket on and exchanged my flats for heels. Topping it all of with some accessories to jazz it up.

"You do all this by yourself right?"

"Yes, why?"

"I still can't figure out how you can possibly live as a guy."


I promptly mentioned it to him that I play an excellent boy due to the fact that those I have mentioned already, can't figure out how I could be the opposite gender.

With that I said my goodbyes and heading out to meet some other friends for the evening which was fun as I was had not seen some of them in over three or four months.

Sadly my weekend was perfect as the lack of sleep and crazy schedule generated a migraine Sunday night.

Not fun.

I wouldn't do anything different if I had to do it all over again. Well maybe no fog as that caused me to be up way to late on Friday night.

The other good news is some of the financing that I had been pursing to cover some of my transition expenses finally got approved. It wasn't as much as I was hoping for but it was enough to allow things to start happening.


Then I realized this morning I have dinner with my friend J tonight in which I need to disclose to her what is going on with me.


Yep, all this is going to make for an interesting therapy session this week and I have an event to attend this Friday as me.

I feel like life as been moving at the speed of light since my project finished with no slowing down in sight.

So much for a return to normalcy.


Jessica Lyn said...

I hope the dinner went well with your friend. I'm dying to know what she said.

I know your mom is a good person, so her saying all that was probably just making sure that you're doing the right thing for you and not for some other reason.. tho I'm also sure your brother and dad did have something to do with it as well. But my mom said the same thing to me too, and that was after she had already told me that she would love me no matter what.