Monday, November 1, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone

I was cleaning up some things in my blog and checking on some settings when I noticed something.

Well, two somethings really.

I first noticed I now have more then 200 posts.


On top of that was the fact that my blog is over two years old. My first ever post August 26th, 2008. Even though that first post was just a simple post as I was getting used to the blogging system I was using.

I boggles my mind to know that I have been posting that much and for that long.

I know early on I struggled to find my voice. I felt as if I had to create something people would read.

I am glad I got away from that.

Really it just came down to a place for me to vent out feelings and thoughts. Talk about life and the experiences that come with it.

When I have something to say I just let my creativity loose and hopefully make it entertaining.

I never force a post. That was a hard lesson to learn.

The last thing I noticed is that I had my voice and things to talk about the same time I realized I was going to transition.

The interesting thing about blogs is they allow you to see your progress and that it was almost a full year before I just seemed to burst with things to talk about.

Since then I haven't really shut up either.

This brings me to the last point.


At least those of you reading this. I am astounded to this day that I have people following along and even commenting on things that I talk about. I know I have mentioned it before but I really only started this blog for me to give me a medium to work things out. Almost a type of therapy, if you will.

I never thought anyone would be interested in reading it.

Which in turn has connected me to some amazing people on such a deeper and more personal level. Simply because they read this blog.

Who knew, huh?

Still I thank each and everyone of you even if you don't actually like what I have to say.

I have no idea how my journey will play out or even if I will post indefinitely. I do know for now there a lot to say. So for the time being I will continue.

Yet, even though all this time has past there is still plenty left in the future.

But wow I never envisioned this all those days and posts ago.

Thank you.

Still it is amazing how time flys by.


Jessica Lyn said...

First, and I know I can speak for others on this, you are most very welcome sweety! And thank you for posting!

As for me, I love reading your posts, but it's not only to see what's going on with you in your life but also because I feel our lives have a lot in common and reading your blog almost feels like I'm reading about me, which in turn makes me feel better about myself knowing "I am not alone" with this life that was given to me.. to us.

Big hugs and keep those posts coming!