Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I Have Learned

Even those that try or want to be supportive aren't always.

That you cannot compare yourself to teenage girls, it just is a point in your life that has past, this is true for any woman.

Fear and doubt might never truly go away.

No matter how sure you are of something the moment you are looking at it can be shocking.

I know what comfort eating is now. Ice Cream has become both my best friend and nemeses. 

The world you know will change. How, is impossible to know, but it will indeed happen.

You can never ever know what someones reaction will be to what you tell them. 

You also cannot un-tell them once you have. 

Being yourself in incredibly important. 

Reaching that goal is the hard part. This is simply the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

Crying sucks, but sometimes is necessary.

Except when you feel the need to do so while at work. 

Lost time is lost time. You are never going to get it back so the best is not to dwell on it. 

Doing that is harder than it sounds.

I understand why sales mean so much more these days.

Patience is a virtue. When you have to wait for things to happen, grow out or change it will not happen overnight.

At some point you will lose control of things, people who you have told will spread it without your consent eventually. 

As much effort you put into making the best decision inevitably you will always second guess it after it is made.

Chocolate tastes soooooo much better! Especially Dark.

Friends who get what you are going through and are there to listen are the most valuable friends in the world. 

Friends who see you for who you are and like you for that person come in a very close second. 

Finally that I am a girl, more than I ever realized before and I love who I am.


Laura Bennett said...

Very inspired and beautifully written post!

Jessica Lyn said...

That last one says it all.. well done woman!

Stace said...

Great post. Wonderful!


PS I have managed to find two ice creams that help the one that you can get outside of Holland is Ben and Jerry's Low Fat Chocolate Brownie (can't tell it's low fat, it just tastes great).

Kelli Bennett said...

@Stace, lol I have been a sucker for Edy's Slow Churned Cookies & Cream. 1/2 the fat but still creamy and rich tasting.

Everyone else thank you for the kind words. It is just me telling what I see and how I feel.