Friday, June 11, 2010

Oddly Calm

The last time I was due to disclosure my function to my parents I dealt with a roller coaster of emotions during the week leading up to it.

It was just a boiling pot of everything.

I was so anxious by the end of the week I couldn't sleep.

I was scared, determined, yet some how ready for what was to come.

Yet I was defeated before I got the chance.

Strangely enough I am very calm this week. At least regarding my parents.

It could have something to do with all the other emotions I have had this entire week.

Convenient distraction?

Redirected focus?

I am not sure.

Still I would prefer to be a little more relaxed about this rather then what I went through last time.

It also could all be wishful thinking since it could all catch up to me on Saturday.

I won't however back out or change my mind. This has to be done and they have to know.

How that will affect me and my relationship to them I don't know.

We shall see.


Jerica Truax said...

Good luck girl! I hope it goes well!!! *HUGS*

<3 Jerica

Stace said...

As Jerica said - best of luck. Hope you have the experience I have had with my parents.


Jessica Lyn said...

Good luck, hun!

I'm sure everything will be fine, but just in case it doesnt go well, remember we're here for you.