Friday, June 18, 2010

Holding My Breath

Tomorrow I have attend my last set of graduation parties for this season.

Thankfully this year has been the last big bunch of them. I have two more in two years and that really ends any that I should have in the near future.

The issues with this one is that it is very close family this time around.

Which means my parents will be there.

Now obviously I won't have an issue with my mother.

Dad as we know remains a mystery.

Now I am fairly positive he will not make a scene or do anything intentional.

At least I hope so.

I am more worried that he will flat out ignore me or refuse to say anything.

Knowing this side of the family people might catch wind of that.

And sense the tension should there be any.

Really, even if he decides he doesn't want to talk to me, I just hope it remains cordial enough for everyone to miss what is going on.

Still it will be a very trying day, and I don't expect to stay too long.

And I will probably be holding my breath the entire time I am there.


Stace said...

Good luck.

I try to be positive, and to think positive (doesn't always work but...). He didn't blow up when you told him, maybe he just needs some time to process it - I kow that my folks ar estill working out where the land now lies - and I told them 31st December.

Anyway, all the best, hope it goes without a hitch.


Elizabeth said...

If anyone notices tension between you two, just tell them that you borrowed the lawn mower and accidentally broke it. But I'm guessing your dad will pretend the whole situation doesn't even exist. That's what my dad does :P

Good luck, either way!