Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a Small Peek

I know I don't post pictures of myself much.

Well...actually I have only done so once. I am simply very concerned about my privacy. Plus I don't know who actually visits this blog and I since I am not completely I out, I don't want to make myself to recognizable.

At least just yet.

However I have recently come into possession of some pictures others took of me recently in Atlanta.

So what is the story behind this one?

Well my friend Kathy and I took our friend Gina to CNN and the world of Coke along with some general down town trekking and site seeing.

At Coca-Cola I had walked up the step to take pictures of the beautifully painted over sized coke bottles. (There is actually a shot of me doing just this but it is from behind, but I am not going to post a shot of my butt.) When I finished and turned around I noticed Gina taking said pictures of me. So I quickly raised my camera and snapped one myself of her, taking a picture of me. So yes I have the other side of this photo. :D

I won't post it since I don't have permission but here is the other famous half.

That is me. Head to toe. As I have mentioned before I only get a little help in the chest area the rest is all me. Well that and the hair. (Soon that won't be the case.)

Plus I am not to worried about exposing myself with this shot. :D

And yes I have no issue wearing sneakers for being comfortable or cute casual in attire. I was site seeing in Atlanta for 6 hours. Sheesh! I don't want my feet killing me. I can wear heels when I go out and feel the need to spice it up.

The thought here was to give those readers who haven't ever met me in person a better idea of why I hear some of the things I do.

I mean B always marvels at this. He just cannot fathom how I do boy.

As we all know that is becoming harder even when I do bury it under bulky over-sized mens clothing.

I am guess now that  I further along than I might even realize myself. Even so I need him for a little while longer.

I hope everyone enjoys this small glimpse of me. It will probably be a while before I do it again.


Elly said...

Thanks for the picture Kelli, it shows you and that great girlish figure of yours without 'showing' you to the world.

Hugs, Elly

Kristina Nicole said...

Nice to see a picture of you--thanks for that! I do have to say though, that I am absolutely jealous of your figure!

Jessica Lyn said...

It is nice to see you (again).. maybe someday we can all meet in person.. like at The Good, The Bad, and The Blonde reunion!.. of course after I am full time too, that is.

Someday I would like to change my photo to a real one but I am no where near as far along as you.

Thanks for shaving hun!

Jessica Lyn said...

Oh and I will be The Bad Brunette!


Kelli Bennett said...

@Elly & Kristina, Thank you. There is nothing more I can say. As for the figure, please it is something I just have. It also took a lot of hard work as I had to lose about 50lbs to make it visible again. And, yes, much of it was there before hormones.

@Jessica Lyn, Shaving? LOL! Also I am not the Bad Blonde. The title of the blog was a play on the famous movie because I discovered that transition has a lot of good moments, some bad, and quite a few 'duh' ones too.

Jessica Lyn said...

Shaving.. haha.. I meant "sharing." But since you are showing a bit of leg, I guess shaving worked too!

I know you're not the bad blonde and I knew the movie reference, but I meant that I have a wild side sometimes.