Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

So if anyone has been reading this blog you have been probably wondering. Who am I?

Good question.

I am a 33 year old trying to figure herself out. Now that is the interesting part. No, not the age. The 'her' part.

You see I am not exactly a her. While genetically being born a him I have known since a very early age I was different. Took me a while to figure it out. Try to deal with it and eventually come to terms with it.

And that is where I am at now.

I spent years trying to suppress the emotions, thoughts and desires that I had. To live my life as people and society expected of me. Only to come to the realization that I was fighting a losing battle. The flood waters kept rising so to speak. So now I am at this point in my life were I am questioning everything. Who I am, who I want to be, how I am going to get there.

I will point out that earlier this year I started seeing a therapist and working all this that is inside my head out. If I intend to do what I am thinking about I want to make sure, I myself, am prepared for it. I need to get my head on right before I start telling others and setting the transition ball in motion. Because if you are not careful or ready that ball can run you over.

Where will I end up, I don't know. There are things to still work out and settle in my head before I move on. Though I feel something will happen soon.

There is a lot to cover and I hope to put up more as I go along and thoughts come to my head.


Rebecca said...

Hi Kelli! I feel honored that you follow my blog. How far back have you read it? Hopefully, you can filter through a lot of the crap I write and find some useful nuggets of information.

I'm so happy for you, that you are getting help and looking to find the real you in all the confusion. If you're anything like I was, this is a very scary and yet exciting time. If you do choose the transition route, walk carefully and with much thought, and take the time to enjoy the path.

Feel free to email or chat me if you'd like, ok?

Becca xoxo

Kelli Ann Bennett said...

OMG! I think I should be the one who is honored. I didn't think anyone was reading mine. LOL!