Friday, October 24, 2008


I read a comment on my last post and I feel the need to clarify something.

Even though I never felt completely right as a boy. I was fairly good at convincing others that I was.

I like to borrow from the expression where the Devil states his greatest trick was convincing everyone He did not exist.

Me, I like to claim that the greatest trick I did was convincing everyone that I did.

I never really fit in with every group, but I never really was a total outcast. I just did my best to fit in where I could.

One thing I once heard from a friend of mine was that I didn't fit into any one social group in high school, but instead I was a little part of them all.

I know its weird but it makes sense. People I talked to ran a wide spectrum. I fit in just enough not to be tormented.


alan said...

Having ended up with my eye blacked on one occasion, without my pants on another, and lots of other bruises to go with the bumps along the way, I'm glad you managed to avoid torment!

The factory I just retired from had several of my classmates working there who could never understand why I was so vehement about not attending reunions, lol...