Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Took The Red Pill

If you have been follow the story of our intrepid heroine up to this point you will know a few things.

One, I had some important things that were on the horizon. I mentioned them here.

Two, One of them specifically was talked about here.

Guess what?

It didn't happen.

HR canceled on me. I got pulled away by some extended time off.

Dealt with an event that left me mentally and physically drained.

Really trying to do this earlier this year and I would have broken down completely. I was a bit of a mess.

This brings us to now.

As in now, now. Not just then.

Recently I have been feeling a gather of energy, if you will. A desire to finally get this over with, good or bad. It just has become time.

After a few weeks of planning and preparation. I did something yesterday that completely tilted my world on edge.

I sent my letter to HR.



I kid you not!

Thankfully I had a long distance friend to help me through the last minute stuff, moral support and was online with me when I did it.

Seriously I think I stared at that email with my letter attached for a full five minutes.

The stupid 'send' button was so taunting me.

Finally with a lot of encouragement and closing of my eyes, away it went.

It almost didn't feel like it happened.

Yet it did.

What happened?

Well for a few hours nothing. At all.

No joke.

Finally after what seemed like and eternity. I got an email back.

The news?

Nothing bad at this point I just have a meeting scheduled with him later this week, in person. This came today after I already talked to him yesterday.

It is official I have taken the red pill and I am going to see just how far this rabbit hole goes.

Stay tuned to find out just how this tale will end.

In the mean time is it a brand new world.


Cynthia said...

Hi Kelli,

For right now, I'm just praying for you. Praying that all goes well. Be brave.

Prayers and Hugs,

Cynthia XX

Jessica Lyn said...

Good luck Kelli!

I'm sure everything will be just fine.