Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

I am aware it has been kind of quiet here lately.

I think even the tumbleweeds have moved on to more exciting venues.

I just haven't had much to say recently.

No the typewriter monkeys are fine. We are all getting along just splendidly right now. It might be because they are being far overpaid under the new collective bargaining agreement. (Really you tell me if I should be giving them daily banana smoothies??)

Nope there just hasn't been any good or full stories to tell.

At least not yet.

I do have some things coming up in the immediate future that I am sure will generate some posts. For now it is hard to write about them because they haven't happened yet.

I also have an interesting trip planned next month that I am sure will need to be talked about.

For now it is quiet.

It is almost like there is a big collective pause as I wait for things to happen or wait for others.

Still, in the mean time, I am here and doing fairly well.

I am sure things will start happening again and soon.


Jessica Lyn said...

What do you mean you can't write about that because they haven't happened yet?.. pfffft.. and you call yourself a blogger... make things up!

Jessica Lyn said...

ooooh.. I have something to tell.. I'm seeing my first therapist starting on tues.. I'm nervous, excited, scared and relieved all at once. I don't know why I've waiting so long, I just know the time feels right to get started of this whole transition thingy.

Kelli Bennett said...

@lol I have never made anything up on this site. I kind of pride myself on that. I state what has been happening to me as it happens.

They are things I have talked about already and I just don't feel like rehashing them until they happen. Pretty sure I'll have something to say then. /wink

At congratulations and good luck. I know how terrified I was just calling my therapist for the first time to tell her I needed someone to talk to. It is a big step and I do hope if goes well for you. Just remember if the therapist don't seem to be a fit you can always look for another. Make sure you are comfortable with them that is the important thing.

Jessica Lyn said...

Thanks!! I appreciate the advice and support.

And I wasn't suggesting you have or should make things up.. I was just having fun!.. but I'm sure you knew that.