Monday, July 11, 2011

Notes from the Weekend

Helping B move into his new apartment on Friday. I swear that boy might have more clothes than I do. (ok, not really but I certainly made enough trips back and forth with bundles of them.)

Finally meeting two of B's friends that I had missed on countless occasions. These two were a lot of fun and total charmers.

Spending more time helping B unpack some of his boxes on Saturday. Friday was used mostly to get the last of this things moved over. (we made the boys do the heavy lifting of the couch and bed frame.)

I also promised to help him paint two of his walls. I know I am such a good friend. lol!

Catching up with C!!!! She was driving back from visiting family in a neighboring state while on vacation, so she made a pit stop Saturday afternoon to see B's new place and spend the night so she could break up the drive home.

Totally getting the thumbs up from her about the changes. She asked me to give her the details of what was done but before I even did so she noticed my chin, forehead and eyes. (I mentioned B told me I didn't look that different. C said 'Well he is a boy what do you expect? You definately look softer and cuter! I love it!")

Having a new story to tell about creepy guy at the bar who was hitting rather heavily on C and myself. Did I mention this was a gay bar? We are all still confused about that one.

Getting a high five from C because of my sweetly worded retort to creepy guy for being so over bearing by not letting anyone else talk. (she totally said she was going to have to remember my response.)

The three of us laughing so hard in the car at one point we were in tears. Why will remain between us but I couldn't even put the car in drive for five minutes.

French Fries @ 1am. I am such a baaaaaad girl!

Having a mock disagreement with C since it turns out we are both envious of each others figure. (Which is strange when you think about it as she is only about a half inch short then I am and just a little lighter, but she complains about her hips, and me my shoulders, yet we both told each other we were crazy for thinking so. We had a good laugh about it after.)

Staying out far later than I should have but not complaining one bit.

Having so much fun with two people who view me just as I am even though they know. C mention that since she first met me and until now she can't think of me as anything else. "Besides" she said. "You are smart, pretty, and fun to be around."

Now I just need to catch up on some sleep, whew!


Cynthia said...

Hi Kelli,

Terrific post, and is that really you? Wow, I'm jealous!


Cynthia XX

Kelli Bennett said...


Lol no that is not me I just was looking for a picture of someone looking worn out or sleepy. I saw that one and loved it.