Monday, August 15, 2011

Music To My Ears

Because I am always listening to new music and I love to share.

So deal ok!

Besides even thought this might have started out as a transition blog, and it still is, allowing yourself to talk about things that are or have always been a part of you, yet you were afraid too.

Not many of my friends growing up were big into talking about music or they totally listened to different things then I did.

Thus I love the fact I can bore you all to tears with it here.

It's my blog remember? Good, don't cha forget that. Kay. ;)

Lol! Maybe I should get to the point of this blog. There was a point, I think.

The Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea
I actually forget where I first heard The Glitch Mob. I think it was the soundtrack for a youtube video. It was the background song track for something. All I know was after watching it for a moment I was thinking to myself "Self, what is this music we are hearing?" Self was confused as much as I was, thus began the quest to track it down. When I found out it was the Mob I discovered they actually had an album. This record is brilliant. Crazy, unique, diverse yet still a fully electronic record. I don't think they will be for everyone but I love to sit and read to this one. I have a feeling when I finally get a chance to work on some art again it will be heavily in the rotation of that play list.

Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be
Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High
I am listing the EP and the full album. Strangely enough I heard the EP first even thought it was released after the album. Really I just select both and let my player go. Again a girl group who will sing about everything and obviously enjoy doing it. I also love the gritty style. There is another album do out later this year. Oh yeah you know I am getting it.

Pendulum - Immersion
What a fantastic trip this one is. It seems like it covers or samples a few genres while never really straying from it's electronic roots. A few of the later tracks have been remixed by some house DJs to varying success. Yet I still love the originals. The coolest part is while electronic they definitely do their own thing. Simply an amazing listen.

Android Lust - The Dividing
Do we have to be happy all the time? I don't know and while I am not a big Goth music person I have recently discovered Android Lust. A casual Nine Inch Nails fan in the past. This album seems to take it one, no two steps further. Emotional, dark, intelligent, dirty, gritty, and dare I say touch evil, all at once. Android Lust is the work of one woman on her own and doing it her way without any apologies. I defiantly plan on digging into more of her work.

Tegan and Sara - So Jealous
I simply cannot say enough about this album. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Backwards, forwards, sideways, diagonal, upside down, tilted, under water, in the dark with a flashlight, outside, inside, downstairs, under the covers. I think you get the idea. I had heard a few of their songs on various stations now and again. Once I finally went looking for them I found this album. Simply perfect I have been listening to it since the beginning of the year. It has been in my car's CD player all summer(since April I think?). I haven't taken it out yet. I soooooo highly recommend it. Did I mention I love it? This album quite quickly has become one of my absolute favorites. So I suggest you don't walk but run, drive, high speed train whatever down to your local record store(do they still exist?), but get yourself an actual hard copy. It is simply that good.

I never know what people thing of these post but if it introduces you to some new music then it has done it's job and is too cool when you think about it.

Also don't worry I have several posts I need to get out. Life has been adventuresome to say the least and as I said I have been crazy busy to find the time to write.



Kelly said...

Hi Kelli,

Tegan & Sara played the Newport Folk Festival a few weeks ago and took the place by storm. :c) You can download their set here:

And if you're curious about other acts, I'll personally vouch for River City Extension, Delta Spirit, and Middle Brother. But pretty much everyone was terrific! Enjoy, and thanks for the recommendations!

== Kelly

Abby said...

I'm sure you know but just in case you don't: shazam, iPhone/android app, takes the work out of tracking songs down.

Are you like me? I'll stand in a cinema for twenty minutes (cleaner guy standing, waiting, tapping his foot) watch a whole bunch'a movie credits I don't care about, just to find out what song that was that they played in the opening scene.

I get annoyed if new and interesting music doesn't get released regularly.

My little sister and I have a competition that neither of us talk about, it's kind of a race between each other for who can find cool new stuff, we both sulk for days if the other beats us to something new that we like.

Hi, I'm Abby, and I'm a music-aholic, I've never been clean and have no intention of. ;-)

Hope you're well.

Kelly said...

Ah, nice to see there are fellow addicts out there. :c)

In case anyone is worried this thread isn't music-geeky enough, I'll push it over the top by mentioning the All Music Guide ( Talk about addictive. Why, apparently it's possible to be up 'til 2:00 AM reading reviews of, say, Radiohead bootlegs. Not that *I've* ever done that, of course ...

(Side note: I'm told by a reliable source that their 1997 Glastonbury set is stellar and well worth hunting down.)

Enjoy, fellow music geeks!

== Kelly

P.S. Current obsession: Delta Spirit. (How did I miss out on these guys for so long?!?) Also wearing out Dawes, Fleet Foxes, and Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings. And Paul Simon's new one is simply astonishing. He's 70 freakin' years old!!! OK, I'll stop now... :c)