Thursday, August 11, 2011

Because I haven't Had Time To Stand Still Let Alone Write a Blog Post

I know and if this post stays short enough the title might be longer than the post itself.

Now with that concern taken care of.

Super busy right now as I have mentioned. Spent time with B this last weekend and was even pleasantly surprised by and appearance from C.

And I do mean surprised! As in she jumped out of his apartment when I was half way down the hall, to say boo!

She even told the two of us later that she wished the three of us could hang out more, but seeing as how she lives on the other side of the state, it makes things difficult.

Though the truly touching part was when we somehow got on the subject of family and the holidays. She was shocked to find out my situation with my parents would affect attending some family functions. Though I do have plans simmering to potentially visiting friends out of state she still told me this:

"Well if those don't happen by all means you are more then welcome to come with B to my house for Thanksgiving, since I always host it. You are even welcome to stay the weekend."

Can you be shocked, touched and floored simultaneously?

Because I believe I was.

C didn't have to say that but she did.  I simply love those two. :D

Had the Professor over for dinner this week. With some very interesting conversations during it. All is well and he is still as supportive as ever.

I have another disclosure scheduled for this weekend. An old friend I might have mentioned here. Just someone I need to get around too. No idea how this one will go.

With that I disappear again, hopefully time will be on my side soon and I can write about some of what has been happening. This is a blog, it is kind of the point to talk about daily life and events. Even if they are a bit mundane.



Cynthia said...

Hi Kelli,

Anything but mundane. You always write very interesting posts.

Terrific invitation from C also.


Cynthia XX

Stace said...

I'm sorry that you are still having issues with your family - It's not nice, or fair, that you have to have that stress.

That aside though, it sounds like you have the possibility of a really nice thanksgiving this year!


Kelli Bennett said...

The crazy part is that even though I would love to join B and go visit C . I have another offer that is actually the one I want to accept. Crazy isn't it? As if my life wasn't crazy enough.

It might suck that my family has issues but others have stepped up to show me that I am a good person and well regarded. Which is very cool.

@Stace, just for the record it is mostly my father that has issues. He seems to be thawing but it is slow.