Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you can't convince them; confuse them.

So I had a Doctors appointment earlier this week. Now this is the same GP that I talked about here.

Nothing out of the ordinary I think now that he knows he is just keeping an eye on me. Fair enough and he didn't charge me for the office visit.

Always nice.

But that wasn't even the interesting part of the whole thing.

Now realize I am still him at this office. Name, etc.

So the interesting part came when I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my name to be called.

When it was I quietly got up, walked to the door the nurse/aid/PA was standing at and waited.

She paused for a second and called his name again.

While I was standing almost right in front of her.

"Ummmm...that is me."

She looked at me, looked at the chart, looked at me again.

"<his name>?"


She took a long look at me. Then said "Come in, back to room three."

What I didn't know was the Doc was just off to the side watching the whole exchange.

He asked if it bothered me. I chuckled and told him no, and that I actually get more stares now trying to be him then I do as her.

He didn't notice it as much but then he usually sees me a few times a year.

One of these days I am going to surprise him.