Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Another Girl

Those words were spoken to me this weekend.

Now before I tell you why let me set up how this came about.

Two of my dear friends S & J told me about a weekend event at a local resort on the other side of the state. Which here is only about a two and a half hour drive.

So I grabbed a Friday off from work and headed out.

Now before I go any further this was a TG event and as you know I have rather different along with strong feelings about these types of things. Those were very firmly reconfirmed this weekend to. However I have known S & J for over a year. I know these two carry themselves well and are not going to make a public spectacle of themselves.

They also are not the type to rely on the crowd to do things, in fact I did a lot with just these two all weekend and had a blast doing so.

Which was just what I was looking for.

Also there was R (whom I wrote about here) and her friend R2. Who seems like a pretty good cookie herself.

The most fun I had was out shopping in the quaint little downtown that was nearby. Just J and myself mostly(we had S early on but she started not feeling well and wanted to take a nap before that evening's festivities. So she headed back.).

Still it was blast and I was continuously amazed how many shop owners J knew. She stopped and chatted with so many of them it was wild. I think she eventually told me she had been going out there in the fall for about eight or nine years now. The spring was a little new from what I gather.

The craziest story I had was in this little boutique near one end of the strip. They had some uber cute clothes, and me and cute get along soooooo well. I was oogling this super hot blue party dress with these beautiful peacock feather patterns on it. The awesome sales girls walks up to us, looks at me, then states:

"Girl you have jeans on and I can tell you have the legs for this. Go try it on."


"Yes, lets grab your size and put you in a room."

So back into the changing room I went, changing out my jeans, layered tanks and cropped cardigan for this saucy little number. It really was more daring then what I normally wear.

First thoughts?

Wow! Was it short, I started tugging it down when she asked if I was ok and I said yes, she popped open the curtain and quite matter of fact said:

"OMG! Girl you have killer set of legs and a butt! Come out here."

She pulled me out to stand in front of the mirror and chided me that with a butt like mine I needed to pull the skirt up. As I kept pulling it down lower and she kept hiking it up. However even my friend J and a cis girl agreed with the assessment. Not only did I have the body for it I looked great in it.

I had to admit it did. Even though I am still unsure about the length I did get it. Along with this really cute pastel swirl dyed tee shirt.

I have no idea if sales girl knew anything but in watching her interaction with her other cisgendered customers she treated me no different and was actually more complimentary toward me then some of the others. She was super sweet and knew her fashion. Sometimes I think it might be just that I don't present myself over the top. As I mentioned I was simply in jeans, layered tanks, cropped cardigan, with cute little white sneakers on. I love to be stylish but when all else fails I'll default to just cute. Which works fine for me also.

I sometimes wonder if cis women are more accepting when you present yourself in a less over the top manner. J and I noticed a few other girls while we were out and there were times the two of us just rolled our eyes ourselves.

Which brings me to the second part of this story. Shortly thereafter I got a text from R that her and R2 were out getting some lunch downtown. J and I located them to say hi and catch up a bit. Her and I had eaten already so we didn't join them. After a few we said goodbye and promised to meet up with them later that evening.

J and I did a little more shopping before heading out to get S and grab dinner before the evening.

It was later at the party event that evening I learned what happened after I left R and R2 to their lunch. The café they were at was a two story establishment. First this was the first time these to had ever seen me outside of a club or party environment. So the fact that I was dressed casually cute surprised them. They loved it and decided to make me part of an observation experiment.

As I mentioned the location was two stories and they were on the second story which was all windows. Being right next to one with a large view of the street below they decided to watch me as I moved along the street until I was out of sight.

What did they see?

Well they told me that I looked no different then anyone else out there. They marveled at how well I just went out and did my thing, fully confidant in myself and who I was. They also noticed that no one was looking at me oddly, giving me quizzical looks, etc. I simple was 'just another girl' enjoying the brisk spring weather and the fun shops as I moved up and down the street.

For the most part this is true. I don't question who I am anymore. I am quite confidant regarding that. I just have some physical changes I want to make to remove that last remanents of him and fully be able to cast off any lingering limitations they cause.

The biggest thing I have learned is to just by myself. A lot of things get taken care of after that. Not to mention people seem to find that easier to accept.

All in all the weekend was a blast. I had a ton of fun for the most part and I am glad the evening crowds were decided more mixed which I prefer. Not to mention on this trip I got to leave as girl and return as a girl with nothing else in between.


Jessica Lyn said...

First off "me and cute get along soooooo well" had my laughing out loud! I am so jealous of you (for now) cuz I love dresses and just dont look good in them yet. :(

Anyway, I'm glad you had a great weekend and keep on "just being you."

Jerica Truax said...

Amen girl!!! That's awesome! Isn't it great to just be yourself?