Friday, February 12, 2010


I find inspiration in odd locations.

Some might even say strange.

From movies to music, to book and friends. I am however not afraid to look outside the box. As I find most celebrities aren't very good ones. Too much baggage, impossible standards. So I look elsewhere.

Now let me introduce one.



So why am I so enamored with her?

Well first she is an amazing woman. That is the key, a woman. Look again carefully. Notice the broad shoulders and strong arms? She is also tall. Standing at 5'10" and being a svelte 160lbs. Yet there is no denying she is a woman.

However she is larger then me yet she is still considered a beautiful woman and is celebrated in certain circles for that. The above photo shoot was done for a large marketing campaign that you are going to be seeing in the next couple of weeks. This campaign was designed to show us women who we might not ordinarily see looking stylish, even beautiful.


Because the women in the campaign will not be seen as she does above. Their names and faces can and will become familiar to us over the next few weeks. But they will not appear to us like this.

Because I know you are dying to know. This is how the wonderful woman above will be seen by almost the entire world over the next two weeks

Figure it out yet?

The woman I have shown you is Team USA's Lindsey Vonn. She is not only a gold medal favorite in several events at the 2010 Winter Olympics but also two time World Cup ski champion. Simply put she has been the best female skier in the entire world two years running.

I told you outside the box. Alpine skiing has long been one of my favorite activities. I fell in love with it at a young age, not to mention my early ski partner was my sister in-law. She was always looking for me when my parents used to trek up to northern part of our state for winter vacation and a skiing we would go.

So I am greatly looking forward to the Alpine events, particularly the Women and Men's DownHill and Super G events. They are really all I am interested in seeing other then the opening or closing ceremonies. I might sit and watch something if I see it on and it captures my attention, but I really don't pay attention all that much other then what I mentioned.

And I am totally rooting for Lindsey! I have caught interviews with her and she is incredibly focus, yet seems down to earth and gracious.

So I will watch as I have mentioned before I am athletic but they have never let it defined me. I simply found activities I enjoyed and participated mostly for the fun and some exercise. I just don't like to sit on my but all the time. Then there are a few I actually pay attention to and this is one of them.

I guess I just appreciate that a woman can be considered beautiful and yet not some 100lbs supermodel or ultra petite actress. I look at the above photos and all I see is a tall, strong, athletic and yet still received as a woman. I find that very inspiring when I am having my moments of doubt.



Jessica Lyn said...

OMG it is so strange that you posted that.. cuz I have been looking at photos and interviews of Vonn recently too.. and I'm not even a skier. I am however, 5'11" and love heels and she has definitely an inspiration for me too.

I swear the more I read from you, the more I see myself! Thanks for the post!

Kelli Bennett said...

Better still when you consider she is two inches taller then I am. I would probably look small next to her.

I am glad to hear her shin is feeling better enough to compete.

I've never had the desire to compete as a skier but trust me when I say I could spend days just exploring runs and gliding across snow.

Jessica Lyn said...

Skiing is definitely something on my todo list of things I must try. I also want to try SkiBoarding, which is supposed to be like rollerblading in the snow which would be good for me since I used to play hockey. Both sound fun tho.

Talked to a therapist today, I will be starting sessions with her soon!

Kelli Bennett said...

Awesome! I am glad you are going to sit down with someone and talk about all this. I wish you the best of luck.

Jessica Lyn said...