Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Options Recap

So I am going to go over all of them. In general one more time.

Option #1



I get to live as me, no faking, no discomfort, or lying anymore.
Living my live as I want to even if I have to rebuild it.


I could potentially impact those around me.
I most likely ruin some of my relationships with family and friends.
My current employment could be impacted along with future.

Option #2

Live in both roles.


Maintain some of my current life.
Satisfy some of my transsexualism.
Not upset those that don't know about my transsexualism.


Struggle to maintain two separate lives.
Upset those that know about my transsexualism.
Worry that living like this will eventually wear me down.
Worry that all of the above will lead to Option #4.

Option #3

Not Transition


Change nothing
Reduce the amount of stress it takes to maintain two separate lives.
Avoid the stress and strain of transitioning.
Avoid disappointing family and friends with the fact you are transsexual.
Keep your current job.
Maintain you current status of living.


Suffer in misery the fact that you know now what has been bothering years.
Suffer the fact that you will be doing nothing about what has been bothering you all these years.
Possible making everyone else miserable since you well most likely spent the rest of your life unhappy.
Living a life that is not yours and possible never was.
Worry that doing all of the above will lead to Option #4.

Option #4

Self Terminate


No more suffering.
No one else has to suffer dealing with your transsexualism.


No longer experiencing life and all it's wonders.
Everyone else who cares about you would suffer no longer having you in their lives.


Well there it is. In a nut shell. Keep an eye out for the big reveal.

I am such a cliffhanger poster. lol!


Rebecca said...

Option #4 is not an option! You hear me, girl!!! As for the rest... well, you know my vote. Can't wait for the big reveal. Hugs!!!

Kelli Ann Bennett said...

I am fully aware of what Option #4 is. I don't like it any better then anyone else. In fact I don't like it at all. But I have to be aware of it. I have to acknowledge it's existence.

Jessica Lyn said...

You have to acknowledge the exostence of an option to not exist?!? No you don't, Rebecca is right, that is not an option and it should be ignored, not acknowledged.

I'm right where you are right now.. maybe one step ahead or behind.. as I know I need to transition but I haven't yet started anything. I'm right around your age and just recently got divorced from my wife. If you ever want to talk please email me.

Kelli Bennett said...

Yes, actually I do. For sake of argument and it is the devil's advocate point of view.

All will be made clear in the Decision post.