Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kelli went down to Georgia

Ok, so I apologize for not getting this out earlier before I left, but I had a huge crazy insane issue to deal with at work RIGHT before I left. Along with the fact I had to work and queeze in time to pack to leave in very little time. I simply didn't have time to mention that I was heading down to SCC last week.

For those that might be tuning in late I posted a little bit about my first visit last year.

So was this year any different?

Absolutely, in so many new and different ways. As always I reveled in being myself. I simply got to let go and just be. Having one year under my belt allowed me much more freedom along with not being worried about how I would be viewed. I would state as I just didn't care and I was more comfortable in my own skin.

This allowed me to meet and spend time with not only new friends but I met many new and wonderful people. However it never fails that I meet someone who I simply don't get to spend any real time with getting to know them even though I would like to.

And this year wasn't without it pitfalls. I arrived Tuesday night, late, and was so tired from he whirlwind the last three days that I crashed (really I worked 17 hours on Saturday and all day Mon & Tues, flying down Tuesday right after work. I did not pass go and I did not collect $200)

So Wednesday I slept in and was a mess getting myself together, not to mention I had a small incident of something leaking in the suitcase. I decided rather then rush and be a disorganized for the rest of the week I took a deep breath, gathered myself, and took the time to get myself together. Plus I had a friend flying in later in the afternoon it gave me the time I needed before we headed out to the mall later that day. By the time I was done it was lunch and it was time well spent. I straightened everything out regathered my wits and proceeded to have a wonderful rest of the week.

I met some wonderful new friends, even thought they promptly took me out on Wednesday night to a rather nice restaurant and I was in tanks and shorts! Seriously can I at least put something a little better on? lol!

I also got to spend time with a friend of mine I met last year, talked to quite a bit over the year. She was gractious and accomidating enough to me to stomp around downtown Atlanta. As much as I can thank her I'm not sure she will ever understand just how much that meant to me. Visting CNN, the Georgia Aquarium, Coke a Cola, and even local art museum. This was all an exprience and a half for me as had a wonderful time, no issues (though I know a few people figure out my function) nothing was said or done.

(Another side, I highly recommend CNN and the aquairum. They are well worth the trips.)

The semniars I wanted to attend where as always very informative. My big goal this year was the facial surgeons, it is one thing I feel that 'gives' me away and would prevent my living my life as I would want to is it this issue. I don't feel I need a lot of work or agressive changes, but some features can be softenend and those should be a big boon to my psyche.

Along with that I got to talk to several companies during the career fair and three of them were disappointed I wasn't actively looking for a job at that moment. I'm not, but staying employeed was/is a big issue for me. All three of them were open to not only my being trans but even helping me transition on the job. Not a single issue with them. This was a huge sigh of relief and I feel so much better about my chances of living a sucessful life not only after tranition but even during.

Then it was just all the people I met and enjoyed their company. One thing stands out in my mind, simply because it impacted me so greatly later. I had the fortune to be at a table on saturday night with quite a few transexual woman who in all cases were transitioned fully. They were warm and welcoming and I can't thank them enough. The feeling that struck me later (in the car driving home from the airport no less. Crying and driving, I don't recommend it.) was the fact that here were these amazing women, being themselves, being women. No apologise, no worries, they just were.

This hit me like a ton of bricks when I thought about it the following day that there was all these women how have suceeded and I felt like an outsider to a degree who worried that I would never reach my goal of being just like them.


All in all it was a fantastic and amazing time. It is my goal to make it every year. Don't know if I will but I will try. Even after a completed transition. If nothing more then my presence there to affirm to those like me(now) that yes it can indeed be done. Just like I saw when viewing those wonderful women that night.