Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeding My Addiction

If you have been following along and I do hope you have been, otherwise why am I writing this?

I tease. I write for my own reasons but it is nice to know some people are reading it.

But I digress.

If you have indeed been following along my little misadventures you will know I have an obsession with music.

Really I don't watch a lot of TV, I read books and listen to music.

Just thought I would share a few really new things that have been getting some serious play lately.

The XX - XX

I find the arrangements haunting and different. Shelter just makes me want to melt. Love.

Liquid Stranger - Mechanoid Meltdown

Cause I heard the song Bully and had to go find the rest of the album. So different, so dirty, so punchy, so grimy and so cool.

Florence + The Machine - Lungs

Because I simply love Florence's vocals. She isn't afraid to sing about what she wants too and has the voice to pull it off. Pair that with some wonderful song writing and I am in heaven.

The Ravonettes - Chain Gang of Love

Love the retro sound, fun modern themes, just a darn good listen. (Side note the other albums I have sampled so far are just as good.)

DJ Icey - Essential Elements

I forget how I found him recently, but I discovered his satellite radio broadcasts Automatic Static. I download the podcasts as I can find them and catch the show when I can. His set at Ultra Music Festival 2011 is so deliciously good. I since have discovered his personal CD's and this is now in my collection and one of my favorites to groove to at work.

Metric - Fantasies

Somewhere, sometime, something streamed the song Gold Gun Girls into my ears recently. Instantly I was hooked and sought out the rest of the disk to see if there were more songs to like. Better still was a fantastic album from top to bottom and it has been getting lot of play lately.

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Since I first heard them in 1987 I have been hooked. I love their brand of creative quirkyness. Their no holds bar approach to creating music that they want to and not caring if everyone likes it. I couldn't wait for this one when I heard it was coming and it was so worth the wait. I love that they sound new and old at the same time here.

I cannot add them to the list as they don't have full albums(or I haven't found them) to listen too. Along with what I mentioned above I have also been listening to Avicii (I recommend Swede Dreams and Penguin). Skrillex, crazy, crazy dubsteb mixes. He does a wicked remix of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and his own Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites  is wonderfully different.  Syndey Blu's - Give It Up For Me, Pink Flamingo's - Contact High, and the Ting Tings - Two Hands(Low Sunday Indie Mix)(This one is a pre-release as the album isn't out yet). I also recommend DJ Liquid Todd. His Boombox Radio set lists have introduced to me some interesting music and I love his diverse mix.

As you can see the my tastes are wide and varied. I'll listen to anything once. The question is do I like enough to listen again.

I just never know, but I love suggestions!


Jessica Lyn said...

I love metric too.. but that song got soooo out played over here. It was on like almost every time I got into my car.

Abby said...

I'm a big flo and the machine fan. if you're a music lover there's a huge amount of great Australian music that doesn't really see the light of day (much) outside the motherland ;-P

I've got pretty broad tastes, at the moment I like Xavier Rudd, Messages, it's pretty chilled.

If you're interested and haven't heard of them, check out john buttler trio.

I'm holding my breath waiting for Ben Harper's new song I will not be broken, to come out.

I hope all's well with you

Kelli Bennett said...

Awesome! Thanks Abby. I will so be putting them on my list of new things to check out.