Sunday, May 22, 2011

1.21 Gigawatts!

Now that time has sufficiently passed I was finally able to return to the task of removing the remaining hair on my face.

Surgery dictated that had to wait two months before I could resume this process.

Now so far I have had very good results with laser hair removal and the three and a half month delay would give is a good indication on what exactly was left.

[Note: Three and a half months for the six week stoppage prior and the two months wait until I could resume.]

As I mentioned I had gotten some really good results thus far and was actually a little curious myself what was actually left.

After setting up my next appointment I went a full week without shaving per instructions.

My tech was a little upset when I walked in the door as she thought I had not listened to her.

Ah contraire, I am a good little patient and do what it is I am asked. It just really was hard to see what was on my face unless you got up close for a good look.

Thus not only have I been pleased so was she. Here I had little or nothing on my cheeks and neck with only the upper lip and chin showing anything significant.


Did you sense the but in there?

The laser treatments have run their course since there had not been any change after the last couple of sessions.

Considering that the decision was made to switch to electrolysis.

Now this was my first experience with this procedure.

My thoughts?


Here I thought laser hurt, especially so the first few sessions when the hair is denser and more hair follicles are killed off during the process. Now while it always hurt the amount did diminish as hair was cleared away.

I now have the utmost sympathy for those that are forced to use just this method. My goodness is painful and slow.

Hopefully her estimation of about six weeks give or take holds up and we can clear most of it away.

We shall see.


Natasha said...

Kelli, having just left the relatively friendly confines of laser for the relentless electric wasp they call electrolysis, I am right there with you. I can tell you, being in a similar place as I am, how wonderfully grateful I am for the amount of clearance I got from the laser. And then there's the 5 days it takes for the bumps and scars to clear, only to go right back and do it again...not fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelli,

I've been getting 6 hours a week since October and I sleep through most of it. I don't know if it will help but a few things make my life easier. It's mostly about your skins hydration. Don't wash your face the day of (gross I know!) moisturise the morning of, and about 3hours before, have a bottle of gatoraid or another hi electrolyte drink.

Hope it gets better for you